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The Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup truck blessed with immense off-road capabilities and innovative design. To serve this purpose better than others, the American automaker designed it with several storage solutions to meet the needs of adventure enthusiasts or anyone who needs to carry extra gear. With Rivian, it’s not just about the abundance of storage spaces but the clever storage solutions thoughtfully added for convenience and innovation. 

“We didn’t have to have all the components of a traditional truck,” says Luke Mack, Senior Exterior Designer. “We could take advantage of the packaging and design something that was totally different.” The idea is to build an adventure-ready SUV that invites owners to pack everything they need for the journey. In the absence of a fuel tank, travelers can stow sleeping bags, pads, fishing gear, and waders in the Gear Tunnel behind the rear seats. 

The front trunk (frunk) atop the Off-Road Recovery Kit can take cargo thanks to Rivian’s innovative EV platform housing vital components like motors, brakes, suspension, chassis, and battery systems. Rivian says it prioritized storage right from the truck’s early developmental phase, evidenced by the best-in-class frunk volume and flexible cargo holds for travel and adventure gear. Below, we list all the traditional and clever storage spaces in the Rivian R1T pickup truck. 

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1. Truck Bed

Rivian R1T truck bed.

The Rivian R1T’s truck bed serves multiple purposes. The bed is 54 inches long and comes with LED lights, forged steel tie-downs in each corner, four additional tie-downs on the bed rails, and two 15-amp 110-volt outlets. It also includes an in-bed air compressor for filling tires or other inflatables. 

Besides its primary function of transporting cargo like gravel or securing dirt bikes using the four cargo tie-downs, it also proves useful for storing large, loose items such as coolers and external frame backpacks. This is made possible by the retractable locking cover, which helps secure the items in the bed. 

For added security, you can loop Gear Guard security cables through your belongings, and there is a dedicated camera to keep an eye on the bed. R1T models without the optional full-size spare tire can utilize the spare tire compartment, which is weatherproof and comes with a built-in drain plug for cleaning and tailgating. 

2. Gear Tunnel

Rivian R1T gear tunnel.

One of the unique storage features of the Rivian R1T is the gear tunnel, located between the cabin and the truck bed. This long, lockable compartment spans the width of the vehicle and is accessible from both sides. It offers ample cargo space and can accommodate items like skis, fishing rods, or even a full-size guitar. As Rivian’s Senior Manager of Exterior Design Jonathan Szczupak explained, 

"In the Gear Tunnel, we designed every millimeter, maximizing its storage volume (such that even the doors folding down to access the Gear Tunnel offer usable space—currently housing a first aid kit and hoses for the built-in air compressor). At the time, we didn’t even know what we wanted to put in there, but we knew that people would find ways to use it.” 

The R1T’s Gear Tunnel measures 65 inches in total length with LED lighting and has both a 12-volt and 110-volt outlet for charging or powering devices. 

3. Front Trunk (Frunk)

Rivian R1T Frunk.

Photo credit: Car and Driver

The R1T features a spacious front trunk (also known as “frunk”) thanks to the absence of an engine in the front. This additional storage space, offering 11 cubic feet of cargo volume, is accessible from the front of the vehicle and provides a convenient and secure area to store various items such as tools, camping gear, or even groceries. 

It can take two large coolers and includes a cargo net for organizing loose items. Additionally, there is a removable compartment on the frunk’s floor for storing the truck's portable charger. 

4. Center Console Tray

Rivian R1T Center Console Tray.

Photo credit: EV Sportline

The center console tray in the Rivian R1T has a large footprint, providing ample space to store items like purses, backpacks, or any other items you need to quickly stash as you slide into the driver's seat. The tray has 2.3-inch walls on either side to prevent items from sliding around on the floor.

In models equipped with the Adventure package, there is a latch nearby that allows you to remove a Bluetooth speaker. Starting at the driver's feet, a tray accommodates bags and essentials within arm's reach. 

Just below the armrests, a non-slip shelf features wireless charging, a groove for small items, and a button unveiling two cupholders. The armrests lift to reveal a deep, rubber- and fabric-lined main compartment—an automotive service station tailored to your needs. 

5. Center Console

Rivian R1T Center Console.

Photo credit: WardsAuto

The main compartment of the R1T's center console can be opened by pushing a button located between the armrests. The space inside is deep enough to close shut over most 32-ounce water bottles, providing secure storage for your beverages. 

Additionally, a rubber pad nearby provides wireless charging for your devices, and a button located just below it that deploys the cupholders for added convenience. The Rivian platform eliminates the conventional transmission tunnel hump, resulting in a nearly flat floor. 

Senior Interior Designer Roman Mistiuk and his team capitalized on this to craft a center console optimized for convenience and capacity. 

6. Fold-Out Work Surface

Rivian R1T Fold-Out Work Surface.

In addition to traditional storage options, the Rivian R1T also offers a fold-out work surface integrated into the bed sidewall. This adjustable surface provides a convenient area to work on laptops, prepare food, or complete other tasks while enjoying outdoor activities. 

7. Underbed Storage Compartment

Rivian R1T Underbed Storage Compartment.

Photo credit: Rivian Owners Forum

Similar to the Honda Ridgeline, the R1T has an under-bed storage compartment that can hold a full-size spare tire. It is weather-proof and dust-proof and can double as a cooler or storage compartment when the wheel and tire are removed. 

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8. Tonneau Covers

Rivian R1T Tonneau Covers.

Photo credit: Electrek

The R1T offers a couple of factory tonneau cover options, including electrically and manually powered types. The powered cover can be controlled through in-vehicle buttons or the Rivian app. 

9. Trailer Hitch

Rivian R1T Trailer Hitch.

Photo credit: Rivian Owners Forum

The R1T has a hidden hitch design that requires removing a panel to access it. The R1T's towing capacity is reportedly up to 11,000 pounds. 

10. Front Door Pocket

Rivian R1T Front Door Pocket.

The Rivian RIT’s front door pocket features a small rigid panel hinged at the base. The top of this panel can open up to 10 inches wide, making it easy to accommodate wide travel mugs or mid-layer clothing items. 

Additionally, in the seam of the driver's side door, you'll find a 1000-lumen Rivian torch. This torch charges automatically from the vehicle, ensuring you have a reliable light source when needed. 

11. Front Seat Tip Out Tray

Rivian R1T Front Seat Tip Out Tray.

Photo credit: Your Choice Way

The driver and front passenger seats in the R1T pickup truck have tip-out trays at the bases of the seats. To access this storage space, you can pull up the latch, which opens a compartment where you can keep items such as headlamps, glasses cases, and important documents like ownership papers. The tray is lined with fabric to help prevent rattling and provide a secure storage space. 

12. Second Row Storage

Rivian R1T Second Row Storage.

Photo credit: Park Place LTD

In the R1T’s second row, there is additional storage near the base of the seatbelt. To access this space, you can lift the corner closest to the seatbelt base. This area provides room for each passenger to pack their own tent, allowing for convenient storage of personal belongings. 

It's worth noting that R1T models with the optional Adventure package may have slightly narrower storage due to the included subwoofer, which is part of the upgraded audio system. 

13. Rivian Gear Shop

In addition to the various storage compartments and features within the Rivian R1T pickup truck, there are also additional options available to enhance carrying capacity. The Rivian Gear Shop offers sturdy Cargo Crossbars for the R1T and R1S models. 

These crossbars can be securely attached to the accessory ports on the roof or truck’s bed rails. They provide a versatile platform to mount various accessories, such as bike racks, board racks, and more. 

Using the Cargo Crossbars, Rivian owners can expand the truck’s storage capabilities and move additional equipment or gear for their outdoor adventures. 

The Gear Shop offers a full range of options for different activities and requirements, allowing customers to customize their R1T or R1S according to their specific needs.

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