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Deciding whether to buy a Tokunbo (foreign used) or Nigerian used car can be a tough decision for car buyers in Nigeria. While Tokunbo cars are imported from foreign countries and are often considered to be in better condition, Nigerian used cars are readily available and may be more affordable. 

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of buying Tokunbo versus Nigerian used cars to help you make an informed decision. 

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What Is The Difference Between Fairly Used And Tokunbo?

Difference between tokunbo and Nigerian used.

"Fairly used" and "Tokunbo" are terms commonly used in Nigeria and some other parts of West Africa to describe secondhand or used vehicles. While both terms refer to pre-owned cars, there is a slight difference in their meaning. 

1. Fairly Used Cars:

Fairly used cars, also known as "Nigerian used" or “Naija used,” are vehicles previously owned and used by individuals within Nigeria. These cars are typically sold in the local market after being driven for a time. 

Fairly used cars may vary in terms of age, condition, and mileage. They can range from relatively new vehicles that were driven for a short time to older models with higher mileage. 

The condition of fairly used cars can vary greatly, depending on how well they were maintained by their previous owners. These vehicles are sold through various channels, including car dealerships, private sellers, and online platforms. 

2. Tokunbo Cars:

Tokunbo is a term used in Nigeria to refer to used cars imported from other countries, primarily from Europe, the United States, and Asia. These vehicles are typically of higher quality and are known to be in better condition compared to most fairly used cars available in the local market. 

Tokunbo cars are often newer models with lower mileage and are equipped with more advanced features and technologies. They are imported through official channels and undergo inspections to ensure they meet certain standards before being sold in Nigeria. The term "Tokunbo" originates from the Yoruba language, meaning "from overseas" or "from abroad." 

Summarily, the main difference between fairly used and Tokunbo cars lies in their origin and condition. Fairly used cars are those that have been previously owned and used within Nigeria, while Tokunbo cars are imported used vehicles from other countries, generally in better condition and equipped with more modern features. 

However, note that the condition and quality of both types of cars can vary depending on factors such as age, maintenance, and individual sellers. 

Pros Of Buying Tokunbo Cars:

pros of buying tokunbo.

1. Better Condition: Tokunbo cars are often of better quality than Nigerian used cars. Ideally, tokunbo have been inspected, professionally repaired (when applicable), and certified in their country of origin before being imported into Nigeria. This means they are likely to be in better condition and have fewer mechanical issues than Nigerian used cars. 

2. High resale value: Tokunbo cars typically have a higher resale value than Nigerian used cars. This is because they are often in better condition and have been well-maintained. For example, a shopper wants to know how many times the vehicle has changed hands between owners, which directly impacts the car’s value. 

3. Reliability: Tokunbo car importers are often more reputable and reliable than Nigerian car dealers. Auto shoppers tend to shop more confidently from established used car dealerships than from unlicensed, unregulated private sellers looking to sell their fairly used/Nigerian used cars. 

Also, tokunbo importers are more likely to provide warranties and after-sales services, ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle. 

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Cons Of Buying Tokunbo Cars:

Cons of buying tokunbo.

1. Expensive: Tokunbo cars are often more expensive than Nigerian used cars. This is due to the cost of importing and clearing the vehicle at the Nigerian ports. 

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2. Limited Options: The availability of Tokunbo cars is often limited, and you may not be able to find the exact model or specifications that you want. 

Importers are businessmen and women and tend to focus on popular models they can sell faster. This makes it harder to find a less-popular brand, such as the Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Bronco, on the tokunbo market. Meanwhile, these are perfectly fantastic models, except that they don’t match Toyota and Honda’s popularity in Nigeria

3. Hidden Costs: You may incur additional costs such as customs duties, shipping, and clearing fees when buying a Tokunbo car. If you’re in the market for a used car, don’t miss our article: Tokunbo Car Shopping In Nigeria: Top 10 Tips for a Smart Purchase

Pros Of Buying Nigerian Used Cars:

pros of buying Nigeria used.

 1. Affordability: Nigerian used cars are often more affordable than Tokunbo cars, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers. Nigeria used cars go for as low as ₦500,000 on Jiji, although such dirt-cheap cars are basically junks. 

At least, it doesn’t hurt that there’s something for everyone, even if the car is only good enough for hauling yams and cassava in the village.

 2. Availability: Nigerian used cars are readily available, and you can easily find them in local car markets across the country. 

3. Bargaining power: You can more confidently negotiate the price of a Nigerian used car with the seller, which can help you get a better deal. 

Cons Of Buying Nigerian Used Cars:

Cons of buying Nigeria used.

1. Poorer Condition: Nigerian used cars are often in poor condition due to poor maintenance practices and substandard spare parts. The poor roads and driving conditions are also to blame. 

The truth is most Nigeria used cars for sale are on the market because they have hidden or known issues. The buyer, then, has to make his or buying decisions with all factors considered. 

2. Low resale value: Nigerian used cars have a lower resale value than Tokunbo cars due to their poor condition and maintenance history.

3. Risk of fraud: The risk of fraud is considerably higher when buying Nigerian used cars as some sellers may not be honest about the condition or history of the vehicle. 

Should You Buy Tokunbo Or Nigeria Used?

Should you buy tokunbo or Nigeria used cars?

Summarily, both Tokunbo and Nigerian used cars have their pros and cons. While Tokunbo cars are often of better quality, they are also more expensive and may have limited options. On the other hand, Nigerian used cars are more affordable and readily available, but may be in poor condition and have a lower resale value. 

Ultimately, the choice between buying a Tokunbo or Nigerian used car depends on your budget, needs, and personal preferences.

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