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10 Apr

The A4 is a relatively new nameplate produced by the German automaker Audi since 1994. The A4 has always been a line of compact luxury cars underpinned by the parent company Volkswagen Group's B-platform. Yes, Audi became a fully-owned VW subsidiary in 1966. 

Audi has produced the A4 line of compact executive cars across five generations, starting with the B5 Series to the current and final fifth-gen B9 (MLB platform), to the upcoming B10 generation. Audi offered the A4 as a replacement for the popular Audi 80, which explains the B-numbering designation, a continuation of the Audi 80 lineage. The B9 shares underpinning with other VW models riding on the company’s MLB platform. 

Although many Nigerian drivers shun Audi for reasons including the complex electrical and mechanical system that prove particularly challenging to the average local technician, the 2023 Audi A4 is a stunning luxury sedan designed with both style and function as the watchwords. 

The new A4 is the ultimate definition of a sports sedan equipped with a wide range of features making it a top choice for drivers looking for a comfortable, high-performance executive compact car that can handle all their driving needs. Below is everything you need to know about the new 2023 Audi A4. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Exterior Design

2023 Audi A4 sedan Via Audi

Starting with the exterior, Audi did an impressive job of blessing the 2023 Audi A4 with a sleek and sporty look that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. It's just as well that the A4 is incredibly attractive. That's because Audi needs bucket loads of comeliness and attractive features to lure Nigerian shoppers into investing in the brand. 

It’s no secret that the German brand is among the brands many Nigerians choose to give a wide berth due to their typical high maintenance cost. It doesn’t help that most Audi cars run on premium fuel, something we doubt you can find in Nigeria. In fact, let us know any day you find a gas station in Nigeria that offers gas options. 

Sadly, the 2023 Audi A4 runs on premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. In Nigeria, our cars drink a single unified grade of between 87 and 90 octane rating, mainly imported from the USA. 

It sounds like we're digressing, but it's important to note that you can run your car on a lower octane fuel than required but at the risk of the engine running poorly as well as damage to the engine and emissions control system over time. 

With that said, it’s rather hard to ignore the sharp lines and bold curves that give the 2023 Audi A4 a sense of aggression and power, perfect for drivers who want to make a statement on the road. The front grille is large and imposing, with the iconic Audi logo proudly displayed in the center. The LED headlights are sharp and modern, providing excellent visibility even in the darkest conditions. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Interior Design

2023 Audi A4 sedan interior Via Audi

Moving inside the cabin, the 2023 Audi A4 offers a spacious and comfortable interior designed to provide drivers and passengers with the ultimate driving experience. The seats are made from high-quality materials designed to offer exceptional support and comfort, even on long journeys. The dashboard is modern and intuitive, with a range of features designed to make driving more enjoyable and convenient. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Engine And Performance

2023 Audi A4 sedan engine and performance Via Audi

Under the hood, the 2023 Audi A4 receives motivation from a range of engines offering impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The base model comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 201 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. This engine comes paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth and responsive shifts. 

For drivers who want even more power, the S4 model comes with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 349 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. With its sleek design, advanced features, and competitive pricing, this vehicle will certainly appeal to a wide range of drivers. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Tech Features

2023 Audi A4 review, pricing, features, and other details Via Audi

One of the standout features of the 2023 Audi A4 is its advanced technology. The vehicle comes with a generous selection of features designed to make driving safer, easier, and more enjoyable. 

The infotainment system is controlled through a large 10.1-inch touchscreen display with acoustic feedback confirmation. It’s easy to use and provides access to a range of features, including navigation, music, and climate control. 

Its other tech features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, Bluetooth connectivity, the Audi Connect connected services, and a 10-speaker sound system with an available 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system. 

It has options for in-car Wifi, two USB ports, and voice command. We particularly love the impressive digital gauge the company calls Virtual Cockpit. It's optional, but we highly recommend it. 

The vehicle also comes with a range of driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control with active lane assist or Traffic Jam assist, lane departure warning, high beam assist, rearview camera, head-up display, park assist, top view camera system, Audi pre sense® basic, city, and rear, automatic emergency braking, and many others. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Handling And Fuel Economy

2023 Audi A4 sedan everything you need to know Via Audi.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the 2023 Audi A4 delivers impressive results. The base model has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway, while the S4 model has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. These fuel efficiency ratings are very competitive for a luxury sedan in this class. 

The handling and driving experience of the 2023 Audi A4 is also exceptional. The vehicle offers a smooth, comfortable ride, with excellent handling and responsive steering. 

Audi designed the suspension system to provide a comfortable ride while also maintaining excellent control and stability on the road. The all-wheel-drive system is also a standout feature, providing excellent traction and control in all weather conditions. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Safety And Crash Worthiness

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Audi A4 sedan Via Audi.

In terms of safety, the 2023 Audi A4 has received high ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It earned the IIHS’s coveted Top Safety Plus badge

The vehicle comes with a range of standard safety features, including a rearview camera, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. Whether you're looking for a comfortable daily driver or a high-performance sports sedan, the 2023 Audi A4 ticks all the right boxes. So, if you're in the market for a luxury sedan, check out the 2023 Audi A4. 

The 2023 Audi A4 Pricing And Competition

2023 Audi A4 interior Via Audi

When it comes to pricing, the 2023 Audi A4 is competitively priced for a luxury sedan in its class. The base model starts at around $40,000, while the S4 model starts at around $50,000. However, the price can increase significantly with the addition of optional features and packages. 

In terms of competition, the 2023 Audi A4 competes with other luxury sedans such as the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Lexus ES. However, the Audi A4 stands out with its advanced technology, exceptional handling, and impressive fuel efficiency. If you're looking for a luxury sedan that combines style, performance, and technology, the 2023 Audi A4 is definitely worth considering. 

Features of the 2023 Audi A4 Via Audi.

Summarily, the 2023 Audi A4 is a standout luxury sedan that delivers exceptional performance, comfort, and style. With its advanced technology, impressive fuel efficiency, and outstanding handling, this vehicle is sure to appeal to a wide range of drivers. Whether you are looking for a comfortable daily driver or a high-performance sports sedan, the 2023 Audi A4 is definitely worth considering.

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