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14 Oct

Author: Philip Uwaoma

The Lexus LM (Luxury Mover) is a luxury minivan introduced by Toyota’s luxury division Lexus in 2019. Lexus designed the LM for the high-end luxury market, particularly targeting customers in China and other Asian markets where luxury minivans are popular among business executives and individuals who value chauffeur-driven transportation. It represents Lexus' attempt to cater to the specific demands of this segment with a focus on craftsmanship and luxury. The Lexus LM is known for its opulent interior, advanced technology features, and a narrowed focus on providing the best ride quality for passengers. 

It comes in two variants: the LM 350 and the LM 300h, with the former powered by a V6 engine, while the latter uses a hybrid powertrain. The LM’s interior is designed to offer a premium and spacious experience, with options for various seating configurations, including a four-passenger version with reclining rear seats and a partition. The cabin materials are of the highest quality, with a strong emphasis on comfort and luxury.

At the Auto Shanghai 2023 event, Lexus proudly unveiled the all-new Lexus LM. This second-generation LM will make its presence felt in more than 60 countries (excluding the USA) worldwide, including a significant entry into the European and Japanese markets. Let’s tour the 2024 Lexus LM’s opulent interior. 

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Emphasis On Passenger Comfort

2024 Lexus LM 2nd row seat.

The new Lexus LM prioritizes passenger comfort through meticulous seat development. Extensive analysis of passenger body movements ensures a naturally relaxed state for all occupants, minimizing head movement and stabilizing the line of sight. The front seats distribute surface pressure effectively to provide body support even during turns, reducing fatigue and facilitating a seamless connection between the driver and the vehicle. 

2024 Lexus LM front seats.

In the second-row seats, two types of shock-absorbing materials gently envelop and support passengers, whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion. Models with third-row seats offer thick seat backs and cushions for adult comfort. Notably, the Lexus LM introduces a "Rear Comfort" drive mode, focusing on rear-seat comfort by adjusting the AVS dampening force characteristics and integrating gas and brake control to minimize posture changes during acceleration and deceleration. 

It's Breathtakingly Quiet Inside

2024 Lexus LM interior noise insulation.

The new LM prioritizes a serene and comfortable environment, with a dedicated focus on reducing cabin noise. To achieve this, Lexus used a comprehensive 3-step. Firstly, the company took innovative steps to cut the sources of interior noise, particularly targeting road and wind noise. The designers took specific measures to address noise around the tires, hood, and pillars, using acoustic glass to minimize high-frequency wind noise. 

2024 Lexus LM sound system.

Furthermore, the engine, a major noise source, and its mounts were finely tuned. Secondly, efforts were made to prevent external noise from entering the vehicle through sound insulation. Lastly, interior noise got reduced by strategically placing sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, and vibration-damping materials in the cabin. This meticulous approach ensures a tranquil ride for passengers. 

It’s Not Pin-Drop Quiet, Though

2024 Lexus LM interior roof headlining.

The LM prioritizes a sense of spaciousness while maintaining a serene environment. Instead of completely blocking out external sounds, it embraces moderate sound reflections. A noteworthy aspect of this approach is the reimagined layered roof headlining structure. Here, intentional design choices ensure it remains non-sound-absorbent, resulting in a pleasing and naturally quiet atmosphere. 

The Tazuna Cockpit

2024 Lexus LM Tazuna cockpit.

Lexus designed the new LM’s interior using a human-centered approach to create a relaxed, lounge-like environment. The spacious interior offers a seamless design with clean lines, taking advantage of the generous interior height. 

In the front seats, the Lexus Tazuna Cockpit concept enhances the modern and spacious interior, allowing the driver to focus on driving. The 6- and 7-seat versions emphasize spaciousness and excellent visibility with personalized touches throughout the cabin for all passengers. 

Personalized Spaces

2024 Lexus LM minivan personalized interior.

The 4-seat model of the LM offers a heightened level of personalization and privacy. It includes a partition with a striking 48-inch widescreen display in front of the rear seats, separated by a retractable glass partition for a clear forward view. 

2024 Lexus LM interior.

Entry and exit are made easy with assist grips, and the design seamlessly integrates speakers, a refrigerator, storage, and other features while minimizing panel gaps. The interior design emphasizes simplicity, with rectangular side window graphics and reduced visual noise. The spacious, independent seats aim to provide immediate comfort and relaxation for passengers. 

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Versatile Seating Configuration

2024 Lexus LM seating configuration.

The new Lexus LM offers versatile seating configurations, including 3-row 6- and 7-seat options, as well as a 4-seat model designed for chauffeur-driven use. This 4-seat model features a partition with a retractable dimming glass window for privacy and an expansive 48-inch widescreen display for various purposes. 

2024 Lexus LM features a mini refridgerator.

Under the display, you'll find a refrigerator and storage spaces. The rear seats in the 4-seater boast an extended ottoman range and heated armrests. The addition of a Warmth-Sensing IR Matrix Sensor ensures occupants' comfort by regulating temperature based on individual needs. It also includes a retractable table for tablets or notebooks, with a refined leather-wrapped surface. 

The Color Schemes

2024 Lexus LM color schemes.

The interior color schemes evoke a sense of contemporary sophistication, aligning with this fresh interpretation of luxury. Solis White is accentuated by elegant copper details in its surroundings, while Black exhibits a seamless gradient of gray tones. Additionally, the door trim showcases a sleek, rectangular design with a subtle pattern for added refinement. 

64-Color Indirect Lighting

2024 Lexus LM indirect interior lighting.

The new LM is designed to cater to diverse customer needs in a car, whether they seek relaxation reminiscent of a hotel suite or a productive, private study on wheels. To support this design direction, indirect lighting enhances the interior's aesthetics and ambiance, offering 64 illumination color options, including 14 themed and 50 custom colors. Passengers can select from different themes, like "soothing" or "relaxing," to match their mood or purpose. 

Rear Climate Concierge

2024 Lexus LM rear climate concierge.

The innovative "Rear Climate Concierge" by Lexus offers integrated control of climate, seat position, sunshades, and lighting, ensuring an optimal cabin environment. Passengers can choose from preset modes or customize settings to match their preferences. The detachable touch-screen rear-seat controller manages functions like the "Rear Climate Concierge," seat adjustments, audio, and lighting. It's conveniently available for both left and right passengers in the second-row seats.

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