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22 Mar

In a press release today, Bentley Motors Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark announced his departure from the company by mutual consent. Now ready to assume his new office at Aston Martin, Hallmark has voiced his readiness to take the Bentley's rival to an even greater success.

“The transformation of Aston Martin is one of the most exciting projects within the ultra-luxury automotive industry," Hallmark said. "I am looking forward to continuing the Company’s great momentum and utilizing my experience and passion to further unleash this iconic brand’s potential and take it to even greater success.

Hallmark, who took on the role of CEO at Bentley in February 2018 during a challenging period for the luxury car maker, has decided to step down to pursue new opportunities outside the Volkswagen Group. The former Bentley CEO has just resumed a similar role at rival British automaker Aston Martin.

During his tenure as CEO of Bentley, Hallmark oversaw the launch of several new luxury models and set the strategic goal of making Bentley the most sustainable brand of luxury vehicles by 2030. Prior to becoming CEO, Hallmark served as a board member for sales and marketing at Bentley from 1999 to 2005. 


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With over 25 years of experience working at the board level in international automotive companies across the UK, USA, and Asia, Hallmark has been a prominent figure in the industry. 

Gernot Döllner, chairman of the executive board of Audi and head of the Progressive Brand Group, which includes Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ducati within the Volkswagen Group, praised Hallmark for his contributions to Bentley. 

Döllner acknowledged Hallmark's achievements during his six-year tenure, highlighting his role in advancing the company's growth and steering it towards carbon-neutral electric vehicles in the luxury segment. 

Döllner expressed gratitude for Hallmark's dedication and wished him success in his future endeavors, recognizing his significant impact on Bentley Motors. 

Hallmark's departure marks the end of an era at Bentley, and the company will now begin the search for a new CEO to continue its journey toward sustainability and innovation in the luxury automotive market. 

The Move To Aston Martin

Adrian Hallmark joins Aston Martin.

Photo credit: Autocar

In a surprise announcement just hours ago, Adrian Hallmark was revealed to have joined Aston Martin as its chief executive officer (CEO) following his surprise exit from Bentley Motors. He is set to take on his new role at Aston Martin no later than October 1, 2024, replacing the current Aston Martin CEO Amedeo Felisa. 

Hallmark's move to Aston Martin reflects his transition from Bentley to a new and similar leadership position in the British supercar company. 

Upon assuming his new role in October, Hallmark would be Aston Martin’s third CEO since the marque’s current Executive Chairman, the Canadian businessman, Lawrence Stroll, took over the company in 2020. This significant career change marks a new chapter for Hallmark as he brings his expertise and experience to guide Aston Martin into the future.

Stroll expressed enthusiasm over Hallmark's new role at Aston Martin:

"In Adrian Hallmark, we are attracting one of the highest caliber leaders not just in our segment, but in the entire global automotive industry, said Stroll. "Complementing our world-class leadership, Adrian will bring to Aston Martin unrivaled experience in both the ultra-luxury and British manufacturing sectors to progress our strategy and continue recent momentum.”

As for the outgoing Aston Martin CEO, Stroll thanked him for delivering on the promise of leading the company to a new phase of growth and development. 

“I’d like to personally pay tribute to Amedeo, recognizing not just what he has achieved at Aston Martin but throughout his long and distinguished career at the very top of the ultra-luxury automotive industry, said Stroll. 

"I am pleased that Amedeo will remain in post until Adrian joins and will continue to oversee the launch of our upcoming products, with our breathtaking line-up of new front-engine sports cars a fitting legacy to his time leading the company and its product strategy. We look forward to celebrating Amedeo’s contribution to Aston Martin’s recent success before wishing him the very best.

Adrian Hallmark: A Career Spanning Decades in the Automotive Industry

Adrian Hallmark's career.

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Adrian Hallmark is a seasoned automotive executive known for his leadership and innovation in the luxury vehicle sector. Hallmark has left a significant mark on the industry with a career that has spanned over 25 years at board-level positions in international automotive companies.

Hallmark's journey in the automotive world began in the late 1990s when he joined Bentley Motors as a board member for sales and marketing, a role he held from 1999 to 2005. During this time, he played a key role in shaping Bentley's sales strategies and marketing initiatives. 


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In February 2018, Hallmark took on the challenging role of chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors. His appointment came at a crucial juncture for the luxury car manufacturer, and Hallmark wasted no time in implementing strategic changes to drive the company forward. 

Under his leadership, Bentley has set ambitious sustainability goals and launched several new luxury models, including the W12-engine, limited-run Bentley Batur by Mulliner, the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase SUV, the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase by Mulliner, and the Continental GT. 

Throughout his tenure as CEO, Hallmark demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, pushing the boundaries of luxury vehicle design and technology. His vision for the future of Bentley included a shift towards carbon-neutral electric vehicles, aligning the company with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. 

Outside of his role at Bentley Motors, Hallmark has also held positions in international automotive companies in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Asia, further expanding his expertise and influence in the global automotive landscape. 

As Adrian Hallmark departs from Bentley Motors to pursue new opportunities outside the Volkswagen Group, his legacy as a visionary leader and driving force behind Bentley's transformation will continue to inspire future generations in the automotive industry.  

“Bentley has had a great influence on me, said Hallmark in a farewell speech. 

“To redefine luxury mobility for the future with such a strong brand is a task that I took on with full commitment and great pleasure. The time has now come for me to turn to new challenges. I would like to express warm thanks to the entire Bentley team for all that we have achieved together in the last few years.“ Bentley says Hallmark’s successor will be announced in due course.

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