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19 Jun

The Citroen Ami’s rival gets a 50-mile range and weighs just 489 kg

Not too long ago in the bustling streets of the United Kingdom, a revolution in urban commuting was taking shape. It was a story of innovation, compact design, and eco-consciousness. It is the story of ARK Motors, a name synonymous with cutting-edge automotive technology. 

The British electric vehicle (EV) start-up recently unveiled its newest creation - the ARK Zero, a mini electric city car designed to redefine the way we move through crowded urban landscapes. 

Priced at £5,995 (around ₦6 million), the Zero is claimed to be the "most affordable electric car" in the UK. According to ARK's spokesperson, mainstream automakers has forced expensive over-engineered cars down are throats enough.

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ARK Zero: A Compact Marvel

Ark Zero - most affordable electric car in the UK.

Picture this: a mini electric car that can comfortably seat two people and even have room for a furry companion, all while fitting snugly into the tightest parking spaces. This is the promise of the ARK Zero. 

Its compact design, reminiscent of the iconic Citroën AMI, was engineered to maneuver effortlessly through the narrowest city streets and slide into parallel parking spots with grace. But the ARK Zero is more than just a cute face in the world of automobiles. 

It comes equipped with a rear camera, making reverse driving in tight spots a breeze. On sunny days, a sunroof bath the cabin in natural light, creating a delightful driving experience. This is the beginning of a story that would change the way the UK moved, and hopefully, the way Lagosians and middle-class Nigerians move around.

The Heart of the ARK Zero: Power And Performance

Ark Zero - UK's most affordable electric car.

Under the hood, the ARK Zero is a tiny marvel of electric engineering. Its Lithium-Ion battery allowed it to reach a humble maximum speed of 28 mph, with a relatively impressive range of 50.3 miles. 

Furthermore, this miniature commuter is not just agile; it is eco-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint on the busy streets it tread. 

And let's not forget the convenience it brings to its passengers. Keyless entry ensure that even the forgetful souls would never be locked out of their ride. The sunroof, a feature usually reserved for top-down sports cars, allow passengers to enjoy open-air driving at any time. This is a car that cater to every need as much as it can.

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In any case, the company plans to expand its operations to other regions soon. Very good. 

Connectivity And Comfort

Ark Zero interior via AutoCar.

Inside the quaint cabin of the ARK Zero, modern technology seamlessly blended with comfort. Bluetooth connectivity transformed the car into a moving entertainment hub, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy their favorite music, navigate with ease, and answer phone calls without lifting a finger. 

Integrated USB charging ports were strategically placed to ensure that devices and electronics remained powered up on the go. A tablet-sized screen above the steering wheel displayed crucial information alongside a feed from the rear camera, ensuring safety and convenience.

Strength and Safety: A Solid Promise

Ark Zero - cheap electric car perfect for Nigeria.

But what truly set the ARK Zero apart is its monocoque design, a technological breakethorugh that integrate the body and chassis into a single unit. Crafted entirely from lightweight yet robust aluminum, this design enhanced the car's strength and rigidity, offering an additional layer of safety in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

"The robust aluminum body of our electric cars forms a solid protective shell around the driver and passengers, offering enhanced resistance in case of impact," proudly proclaimed the ARK Zero team. This was a car built not only for convenience but for peace of mind. 

Charging The Future

Ark Zero charging via Medium.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, charging was a pivotal concern in little Zero's development. ARK Motors addressed this with simplicity in mind. "As simple as plugging it into the same regular sockets you use for your toaster," they claimed. 

The ARK Zero was designed with user-friendly charging systems, allowing owners to charge their vehicles at home, on the road, or virtually anywhere with an available outlet. 

It uses a Type 1 charger, allowing for charging speeds of up to 7.4kW. Type 2 chargers are available with a converter. A full charge takes approximately six to eight hours and costs "less than £1", according to the company. 

In other words, you’re not going to burn through your energy credits recharging your Zero. Although Ark will only deliver the cars to customers in the UK, we see no reason why you can’t buy the car for onward delivery to Nigeria. Deliveries will arrive 14 to 16 weeks after order confirmation. 

Affordability Redefined

The cheapest EV in the UK.

The grand finale of this tale is the price tag - a mere 5,995 pounds. ARK Zero is not just a compact electric car; it is a promise of affordability and functionality. It aimed to set a new standard as the UK's most accessible electric vehicle, making eco-conscious commuting a reality for many. 

Considering that majority of Nigerian car shoppers aren’t even considering new models due to the prohibitively high price, the Ark Zero might be the only chance people have to experience the rewards of purchasing a brand-new private car. 

At ₦6 million, even the young ones can save and buy the Zero, while the small size provides the perfect excuse not to give your friends a lift.

Summarily, the ARK Zero is more than just a vehicle; it is a symbol of progress and innovation in the world of urban mobility. With its compact design, eco-friendly engineering, and affordable price, it is set to transform the way people in the UK commuted. 

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