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07 Mar
  • Mercedes-Benz introduces new Wallbox in the United States for connected and intelligent charging at home 
  • The Wallbox offers remote control functionality via the Mercedes me Connect app for a seamless user experience 
  • Customers can benefit from over-the-air software updates and enhanced security features with the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox 
  • Compatible with all Mercedes-Benz electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Leading luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has introduced its latest innovation to the American market with the launch of the new Wallbox on March 5, 2024, aimed at providing connected and intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. 

The three-pointed star expects this cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way customers charge their electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids at home. The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is now widely available across the United States, offering customers a convenient and efficient way to charge their vehicles. 

Mercedes-Benz Charging Ecosystem

The Mercedes-Benz charging ecosystem.

As up to 90% of charging activities typically occur at home, the Wallbox plays a crucial role in simplifying the charging process for Mercedes-Benz owners. This sleek and modern charging station is designed to complement the aesthetic of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, flaunting a seamless blend of form and function. 

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Markus Rossmann, Senior Manager of Charging Solutions at Mercedes-Benz USA, emphasized the brand's commitment to providing customers with accessible and advanced charging options. 

He stated, "Mercedes-Benz is committed to providing our customers with a variety of convenient, simple, and fast charging options, whether at home or on the road. The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is a beautifully designed and intuitive tool that offers our customers more flexibility and functionality when charging through its advanced integration with the Mercedes me connect app." 

The connected and intelligent features of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox promote it as a state-of-the-art charging solution. Once connected to the internet, customers can remotely control the Wallbox using the Mercedes me Connect app on their smartphones. 

This allows users to initiate and halt charging sessions, monitor charging status in real time, access charging history, and estimate home charging costs based on energy consumption and rates.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Wallbox Over-the-Air Updates

Mercedes-Benz intelligent wallbox over the air updates.

Moreover, the Wallbox is equipped to receive "over-the-air" software updates, ensuring customers can benefit from the latest enhancements and features as they become available. 

Additionally, the Wallbox offers enhanced security features, including the ability to prevent unauthorized use by locking and unlocking via the Mercedes me Connect app or RFID card

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Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Speaks The Mercedes Styling Language

Mercedes-Benz charging wallbox design.

Beyond the cosmetic design, the technology embedded in the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox showcases a sophisticated design that reflects the elegance of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 

Featuring multi-colored LED lights to indicate charging status, the Wallbox delivers up to 11.5 kW on a 240V split-phase circuit, significantly reducing charging times compared to conventional outlets. 

With a 23-foot charging cable, the Wallbox caters to various garage configurations, ensuring maximum versatility for users. 

Notably, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is compatible with all Mercedes-Benz electric and plug-in hybrid models, as well as electric vehicles from other manufacturers utilizing the SAE J1772 charging inlet. 

This stresses Mercedes-Benz's invested interests in promoting sustainable mobility and innovative solutions to enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience. 

Summarily, the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox in the United States heralds a new era of connected and intelligent charging for electric vehicle owners. 

With its advanced features, eye-catching design, and seamless integration with the Mercedes me Connect app, the Wallbox offers customers a reliable and efficient home charging solution that speaks volumes about Mercedes-Benz's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, especially in the electric vehicle sector.

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