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Mini continues its robust expansion of the redesigned Countryman lineup with the newest member of the family – the entry-level Countryman C. Mini recently unveiled the 2024 Countryman S, and now, the spotlight is on the Countryman C, still showing off and basking in the glory of the company’s gasoline engines. 

While the meaning of the letter "C" in its name remains officially undisclosed, some insiders suggest it might signify "Core," considering the naming convention and performance legacy established by its predecessor, the Countryman Cooper. Perhaps, to ensure the iconic Cooper hatchback’s honor remains unbismirched, Mini opted to leave out the rest of the letters in the "Core" designation of the new Countryman. 

It’s rather tragic that Mini has decided not to make the entry-level Countryman C available in North America, no thanks to the lukewarm sales and slim profit margins of the previous version, the F60 Countryman Cooper. Instead, the primary focus for Countryman C will be on markets in Europe, Asia, and South America. Mini anticipates a strong reception in these regions, charting a new course for the evolution of the Countryman series. Here’s the full lowdown on the new Countryman C. 

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The Exterior Design

Mini Countryman C exterior design.

The latest iteration of the MINI Countryman stays close to the brand's distinctive design language, presenting an almost indistinguishable profile from its counterparts. With MINI prioritizing trim level styling over performance nuances, there’s little more than the subtle badging to tell them apart in markets like the UK, Europe, and Asia. 

However, the 2024 MINI Countryman is longer and taller by 13 centimeters and eight centimeters, allowing discerning eyes seeing it for the first time to make a double take. 

The upright silhouette, complemented by clearly defined surfaces and a revamped octagonal front grille, contributes to a visually commanding model. The streamlined body design with refined contours imparts a sophisticated aesthetic, while characteristic short overhangs underscore the vehicle's agile demeanor. 

Adding to its allure, the MINI Countryman features distinctive LED headlights and rear lights, offering optional new light signatures that accentuate its body design. The stylish C-pillar, crisply designed and color-matched with the stretched roof, seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's aesthetic. 

The standard Piano Black roof rails not only enhance the crossover’s visual appeal but also promote the vehicle’s practicality by accommodating accessories like roof racks or the MINI roof box. 

On challenging terrains, the MINI Countryman C ensures safety and comfort with its 202 mm ground clearance and dynamic chassis. Tailored to individual preferences, the new model offers a range of light alloy wheels in diverse designs and sizes, from 17 to 21 inches, contributing to both style and performance enhancements. 

The Interior Design

2024 MINI Countryman C rear.

Inside, the 2024 Countryman C’s circular infotainment display immediately catches the eye. This time, Mini is ditching conventional cabin materials like leather and chrome in favor of the Vescin leather alternative, surpassing the typical MINI leather in tactile satisfaction—almost on par with the Lounge Leather options. 

The jury is still out about the material’s longevity, but there’s no question about the captivating appearance and feel. MINI proudly claims the material is 90% recycled, emphasizing easy cleaning with just a damp cloth—no need for chemicals. 

An intriguing departure from tradition lies in the center console, eschewing the under-armrest storage for a robust, extendable armrest, which, impressively, could serve as a makeshift workspace. However, the absence of a storage space is a perplexing aspect of this design choice. 

The console's small cubby, touted as removable and customizable, hints at potential future accessories, according to MINI. 

In any case, the new Countryman’s cabin provides comfortable accommodation for up to five adults, enhanced by a panoramic glass roof for an airier, brighter interior. The cockpit features standard sports seats with patterned multi-tone textiles, providing extra room with a three-centimeter increase in shoulder and elbow space. 

The individually adjustable backrests in the three rear seats and a movable back seat promote the vehicle’s versatility, optimizing legroom or cargo space. Meanwhile, the foldable rear seat backrest adapts the trunk volume from 450 to 1,460 liters. 

Infotainment And Autonomous Technology

2024 MINI Countryman C front fascia.

At the heart of the Countryman C’s minimalist interior design lies the iconic round OLED display, 240 mm in diameter. This center display, covered with high-quality glass, facilitates a user-friendly operation of the infotainment and driver-aid systems via touch or voice command. 

MINI Experience Modes transform the cockpit ambiance through visual design, ambient lighting, and sound, all effortlessly accessed via the characteristic MINI toggle bar. 

In a groundbreaking move, the 2024 Mini Countryman has gained Level 2 partial autonomous driving capability on highway routes, thanks to a new Driving Assistant Plus. Drivers now have the freedom to hands off the steering wheel at speeds up to 37 mph, provided they maintain vigilant traffic monitoring and intervention readiness. 

The introduction of Driving Assistant Professional marks a significant leap forward for the Countryman and the Mini brand as a whole, as the technology surpasses the previous adaptive cruise system. 

If you go faster than 38 MPH, the system automatically transitions into a simplified autonomous mode that requires the driver’s control of the steering wheel. Even so, the simplified autonomous mode still does a spectacular job tracking traffic, navigating road curves, and executing lane changes based on the driver's turn signal usage. 

Actually, this technology isn't new with the Mini's parent company, BMW, as the automaker has offered it as an optional feature in BMWs for years. 

However, MINI's version of the tech brings new capabilities, like identifying traffic gaps (essential for lane changes), optimizing speed for assisted maneuvers, and signaling a successful execution via two green lights on the steering wheel. When unable to detect the driver's eyes (in hands-free mode) or hands (at higher speeds), these green lights flash orange. Sweet. 

While MINI emphasizes the Level 2 hands-free mode, primarily designed for congested traffic, the higher speed functionality (above 38 mph) proves to be exceptionally practical. 

By combining adaptive cruise and steering input, the system autonomously and deftly follows well-marked highways, incorporating lane keeping, lane change assistance with active side collision protection, and emergency stop assistance for a relaxing driving experience. 

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The Engine And Performance

2024 MINI Countryman C performance.

At the core of the MINI Countryman C lies an evolved 3-cylinder gasoline engine, a stalwart in MINI's lineup for years. This time, the 3-cylinder undergoes a transformative upgrade thanks to the embedded mild-hybrid system, which not only curbs CO2 emissions but also delivers smoother start/stop functionality for the new Countryman. 

With these enhancements, the 2024 Countryman C accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 8.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 132 mph. Bolstered by 206 ft-lbs of torque and the efficiency of TwinPower Turbo technology, anticipations run high for consistent, if not exceptional, mid-range performance. 

The innovative mild-hybrid element elevates the vehicle's eco-friendliness, capturing braking energy and supplying 14 kW of electric drive power during accelerations. This harmonious interplay results in reduced fuel consumption and emissions, positioning Countryman C to meet and exceed future EU emissions requirements. 

The 2024 Countryman C Trim Levels

2024 MINI Countryman C trim levels.

The new MINI Family's product structure invites extensive personalization through its diverse Essential, Classic, Favoured, and JCW trim options. Each trim variant opens up a spectrum of customization possibilities, including different paint and roof colors, along with varied interior finishes. 

Notably, the C-pillar’s design varies across trim levels. The Favoured trim flaunts a contrasting roof and a Vibrant Silver front grille frame that beautifully complements the Smokey Green body color. 

The assertive aesthetic is further accentuated by 20-inch rims in the aerodynamically optimized Windmill Spoke 2-tone design, adding to the MINI Countryman C's confident allure. 

Inside, a visually striking two-tone color gradient embellishes the textile surface from the dashboard to the door panels. The design creates an inviting interior with its uniquely knitted recycled polyester. 

Alongside the heated sports steering wheel, the Favoured trim boasts perforated Vescin sports seats, available in three colors with traditional accent stitching, enhancing both style and comfort. 

“As an entry-level model, the MINI Countryman C combines typical MINI features such as agility and driving pleasure with generous standard equipment,” says Stefanie Wurst, head of the MINI brand. 

The BMW Connection: The Bigger U25 Countryman

U25 2024 MINI Countryman C.
F60 (2nd-gen) MINI Countryman versus U25 (3rd-gen) MINI Countryman Size ComparisonF60 CountrymanU25 Countryman
Length169.2 Inches174.37 Inches
Height61.3 Inches63.5 Inches
Wheelbase105.1 Inches105.11 Inches


The evolved U25 (3rd-gen) MINI Countryman shares its underpinning with the new BMW X1 and X2. The Countryman's enlargement seems inevitable considering the shift in car shoppers’ preferences. 

MINI recognizes that some fans were reluctantly leaving the brand due to size considerations, prompting a strategic decision to grow the Countryman while introducing the distinct Aceman electric model as some sort of a fighter brand to bridge the gap between the Countryman and the Cooper. 

This approach allows new MINI to accommodate those seeking a slightly larger option without compromising the brand's unique appeal. 

Despite sharing a platform with the BMW X1, it’s obvious to the Mini Design team that “small” is the essence of a Mini, evidenced by the focus on reducing the rear overhang, achieved by integrating the rear section of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, ultimately shedding weight where it matters. 

As a result, the new Countryman has grown practical-wise without growing cosmetically, exceeding 5" in length and 2" in height, artfully concealed by the car's proportions and clever styling choices. 

Notably, the distinctive "blade" in the C-pillar serves a dual purpose: breaking up the length of the roof and preventing the visual impression of a tall station wagon. This strategic design approach ensures that the U25 Countryman retains its MINI essence while meeting the evolving needs of its discerning audience. 

The Mini Countryman C Release Date

2024 MINI Countryman C release date.

According to MotoringFile, the Mini Countryman C kicked off production in November 2023 ahead of sales as a 2024 model. The same release date applies to the Countryman D, S, and All4 variants, while the electric JCW Countryman enters production in March 2024. 

            Mini Countryman C Specifications
PowertrainPetrol / Mild Hybrid
Torque206 LB-FT
Transmission7-Speed Dual-Clutch
Top Speed132 MPH
0–60 Acceleration8.3 Seconds
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