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11 Jan
  • The Honda 0 Series, unveiled at CES 2024, introduces the Saloon and Space-Hub as groundbreaking concept models featuring a futuristic design and advanced IoT and autonomous technology.
  • Honda adopts the "Art of Resonance" design philosophy, focusing on Thin, Light, and Wise principles to counter traditional EV constraints, redefine the landscape of electrified vehicles, and evoke a new perspective in EV design.
  • As the Honda 0 Series flagship model, the Saloon promises a revolutionary electric driving experience with a dedicated EV platform, sustainable materials, intelligent human-machine interface, and pioneering technologies like steer-by-wire and motion control management systems.
  • Space-Hub Model Connectivity: The Space-Hub model redefines electric vehicle design by prioritizing spaciousness and connectivity, offering a flexible cabin that adapts to diverse passenger needs, transforming into a dynamic hub connecting individuals within and outside the vehicle.

Forget the Cybertruck. Elon Musk has a much bigger fish than BYD to fry if Honda actually pushes out these things just the way they are and as early as 2026. These cars (if we might call them that) look and act like they belong in a distant future where Total Recall is the reality. Yes, they look as futuristic as anything you've seen in sci-fi movies and come equipped with bleeding-edge IoT and autonomous technology to boot. 

Just days ago, Honda took a pioneering leap into the electric vehicle landscape with the revelation of the "Honda 0 Series." Unveiled at CES 2024 through the world premiere of its concept models, Saloon and Space-Hub, this global EV series has enough chops to reshape the automotive industry. Scheduled for a 2026 debut in North America, the Saloon-based model marks the beginning of Honda's electrifying journey across continents, with subsequent releases planned for Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. 

Accompanying this groundbreaking series is a distinctive H mark logo exclusively designed for Honda’s next-generation EV models, signifying Honda's bold new direction in design and engineering. Here’s what we know so far about Honda’s futuristic cars for the future, starting from the beginning. 

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What Is the Honda 0 Series?

What is the Honda 0 Series?

The Honda 0 Series is a new line of electric vehicles (EVs) announced on January 10, 2024, that will go into production in 2026. The concept models include the Saloon and the Space-Hub, with the Saloon being the first Series 0 model available in North America from 2026. 

The Space-Hub concept is designed with a roomy interior and offers a flexible seating arrangement for various passengers. These futuristic cars embody Honda’s approach of “Thin, Light, and Wise” with five core values: 

  1. Artistic design that evokes resonance 
  2. AD/ADAS that ensures safety and peace of mind 
  3. A "space" for people made possible by the Internet of Things and connected technologies 
  4. The joy of driving with the feeling of oneness with the vehicle 
  5. Outstanding electricity efficiency performance 

Honda aims to realize carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050 and is pursuing electrification to achieve its automobile electrification target of "increasing the ratio of EV and FCEV sales to 100% globally by 2040." 

Thus, the 0 Series EVs represent a major transformation for Honda in line with its Global Brand Slogan and electrification policy. 

Honda’s Brave Future For Man And Machine

Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda.
Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda

Departing from conventional norms, the 0 Series developmental principles echo Honda's longstanding engineering philosophy of "M/M" – maximizing human comfort while minimizing machine intrusion (or man maximum/machine minimum). 

The commitment to a "thin" EV platform not only enhances aerodynamic performance but also crafts a foundation for a revolutionary driving experience. Embracing the mantra of wisdom, the series integrates software-defined mobility products, promising users an intelligent and insightful motoring future. 

The futuristic Honda 0 Series seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with time-honored engineering principles. 

“The mobility we dream of is not an extension of the trend of ‘thick, heavy, but smart’ EVs,” said Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda. "We will create a completely new value from zero based on thin, light, and wise as the foundation for our new Honda 0 EV series to further advance the joy and freedom of mobility to the next level."   

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The Art of Resonance: Honda's New Design Direction For EVs

Honda 0 Series Art of Resonance design.

Honda's "The Art of Resonance" design philosophy is a new approach to EV development based on three core principles - Thin, Light, and Wise. It counters the traditional constraints of EVs while building on Honda's “man maximum/machine minimum” packaging concept. 

According to Honda, the principles of Thin, Light, and Wise are reflected in key areas such as the dedicated "thin" EV platform for aerodynamic performance and the implementation of software-defined mobility products for a more intelligent user experience. 

The "Art of Resonance" design philosophy brings together the environment, society, and users in harmony. The two 0 Series concept models – Saloon and Space-Hub – embody this design philosophy. 

The Saloon concept uses sustainable materials throughout the interior and exterior, a human-machine interface (HMI) for simple and intuitive operations, and advancements in new steer-by-wire and motion control systems. 

The Space-Hub concept, on the other hand, offers a boxier design with a lounge-like interior and flexible space that accommodates user needs. If Honda makes good on these promises by 2026, leading hi-tech brands like Tesla will need more than the revolutionary Autopilot to keep pace despite the simplistic design language shared by both brands. 

“We have gone back to basics and formulated the Honda 0 Series with a design for the new era,” said Shinji Aoyama, Global EVP of Honda. “A bold and pure proportion that from the first glance is overwhelmingly different from other EVs to evoke a new perspective for people.” 

A Closer Look At The 0 Series Saloon

Honda 0 Series Saloon.

As the flagship concept model within the Honda 0 Series, the Saloon epitomizes a revolutionary take on electric vehicles. 

Positioned on a dedicated (yet unnamed) EV platform, it embodies the idea behind the “0,” which represents Honda’s decision to develop future EVs inspired by Honda’s early days as an automaker, creating completely new electric cars from “zero.” 

In a nutshell, Honda presented the world with futuristic cars built for maximum comfort and minimal machine intrusion. 

The Saloon's exterior boasts a low and wide profile, complemented by a surprisingly spacious interior crafted from sustainable materials. Inside, the Saloon flaunts an intelligent human-machine interface (HMI) on the instrument panel, ensuring simple and intuitive operations. 

Honda 0 Series Saloon cockpit.

With outstanding visibility and a sporty driving position, this model tickles our fancies with an unparalleled driving experience, fostering a profound connection between the driver and the vehicle. 

Beyond its aesthetic and ergonomic advancements, the Saloon pioneers steer-by-wire and motion control management systems, harnessing Honda's decades of expertise in robotics. This includes a posture control feature that enhances the driver's experience in various driving scenarios. 

Honda 0 Series cabin.

So, when will the Honda 0 Series Saloon be available? Honda said a production vehicle based on the Saloon concept will hit the North American market in 2026. Just how much of an impact the Saloon will make on the EV market depends on how much of the concept is transferred to the production model. 

The 0 Series Space-Hub: Redefining Connectivity in Motion

Honda 0 Series Space Hub.

Developed under the theme of "augmenting people's daily lives," the Space-Hub within the Honda 0 Series introduces a paradigm shift in electric vehicle design. Embracing the "Thin, Light, and Wise" development philosophy, this model prioritizes spaciousness and visibility, offering a flexible cabin that seamlessly adapts to diverse passenger needs. 

The Space-Hub immediately reminds you of the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicles. Even though the two vehicles share very little in design, the idea of an innovative people and cargo mover is unmistakable. 

0 Series Space-Hub rear.

Honda’s 0 Series also mirrors Toyota’s IMV 0 concept, but mostly in the sense that both concepts are based on new platform designs meant to underpin a variety of vehicle types. Toyota has already introduced the Hilux Champ in Thailand, the first model underpinning the new IMV 0 platform. 

Beyond being a mode of transport, the Space-Hub transforms into a dynamic "hub" connecting individuals both within the vehicle and with the outside world. The Space-Hub’s cabin testifies to the 0 Series’ commitment to enhancing daily life experiences. 

Honda 0 Series Space-Hub cockpit.

With a focus on flexibility and connectivity, this model transcends traditional vehicle roles, making it an integral part of users' lifestyles. 

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Battery And Aerodynamics: Honda 0 Series Electric Performance

Honda 0 Series battery and electric performance.

With the 0 Series, Honda is stepping into EV frontiers armed with a thrilling driving experience amplified by exclusive electrification and performance technologies. 

Drawing on a rich legacy in motorsports, including Formula 1 racing, these models introduce advanced aerodynamic technologies, setting a new benchmark for electrified vehicle performance. 

The result? A sporty driving encounter that transcends conventional expectations, proving what’s possible in electric mobility. 

New Level of Battery Efficiency

Space-Hub battery efficiency.

Harnessing decades of expertise in hybrid vehicles and electrified products, the heart of the 0 Series models beats with e-Axles, unlocking a dynamic synergy of power and efficiency while maintaining a lightweight footprint. 

The high-density battery integrated into these models ensures an impressive range without compromising on size. Addressing common concerns around "charging time" and "battery degradation," Honda's innovative approach guarantees stress-free charging and enduring battery performance. 

As these cutting-edge models debut in the late-2020s, fast charging from 15% to 80% of battery capacity will be revolutionized, taking only 10-15 minutes. It currently takes around 30 minutes to juice a Tesla Model S from 10% to 80% using a DC fast charger. 

Simultaneously, through meticulous battery system control technology, Honda aims to limit capacity degradation to less than 10% after a decade of use, alleviating durability apprehensions and setting a new standard for sustainable electric driving. Welcome to the future of driving, a new era of electrified performance blending speed, efficiency, and longevity. 

New-Age Connectivity And Autonomous Technology

Honda 0 Series autonomous driving.

The Honda 0 Series steps into the future with a cutting-edge ADAS (advanced driver-assistive system) that draws inspiration from the proven technologies of Honda SENSING Elite, initially introduced with the Honda Legend in Japan in 2021. 

Bridging the gap between cutting-edge self-driving technology and economy cars, Honda says the second half of the 2020s will witness the integration of the next generation in AD (automated driving) features across the 0 Series models, democratizing access to advanced driving systems on more affordable EV models. 

Built on Honda's "human-centric" safety concept, this next-gen AD system incorporates advanced AI, sensing, recognition, and driver monitoring technologies, elevating risk predictions to a human-like, natural, and high-precision level. 

The result is an array of hands-off functions usable on expressways and surface streets, ensuring a safe, confident, and seamless driving experience. 

New OS And Connected Technologies

Honda 0 Series IoT.

Honda is not just advancing in autonomy but also revolutionizing connectivity with an original operating system designed exclusively for the 0 Series models. This system, powered by AI and driver data, learns user preferences, behaviors, and driving tendencies to deliver a personalized experience. 

The vehicle becomes an intuitive companion, offering suggestions to enhance ownership based on the user's individual patterns. 

Beyond mobility, the 0 Series provides real-time information about the surrounding areas, offering additional route guidance for the "last mile" to the destination. This thoughtful integration assists users not only during the journey but also after they arrive and leave their vehicle. 

The more the vehicle is used, the more it comprehends user behavior, creating a symbiotic relationship that enriches the ownership experience.

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