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27 Jan

  • Alfa Romeo Milano: A subcompact crossover SUV representing the brand's bold entry into the electric vehicle realm.
  • Heritage and Innovation: Tracing back to the iconic Alfa 75.
  • Spearheaded by Domenico Bagnasco and Stefano Cereda, Milano's development focuses on driving dynamics, seamlessly integrating an advanced human-machine interface.
  • The eagerly anticipated Milano will take center stage on April 10, live-streamed globally.

The Alfa Romeo Milano is a highly anticipated subcompact crossover SUV scheduled for launch in April 2024. It represents the entry-level model in Alfa Romeo's lineup and will serve as a successor, albeit indirectly, to the long-discontinued B-segment MiTo supermini. 

The Milano is positioned below the Tonale and will offer both EV and PHEV options, marking Alfa Romeo's foray into the world of electric propulsion. 

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The Original Milano

1985 Alfa Romeo Milano sedan.

1985 Alfa Romeo Milano sedan - Photo credit: Zairon via Wikimedia

The original Alfa Romeo Milano, also known as the Alfa 75, is a sedan that first hit the streets in 1985. It was designed to celebrate Alfa Romeo's 75th anniversary as an automobile producer. The Milano was a sportier, less luxurious competitor to the Mercedes 190 E and the BMW 3 Series.

It was well regarded for its engaging handling and its engine, particularly the U.S.-spec model fitted exclusively with Alfa's V6 power mill, often called the "Busso V6" after its creator, Giuseppe Busso. The Milano featured a fairly sophisticated rear-wheel-drive chassis with a suspension layout similar to previous Alfetta models. 

The five-speed transaxle was positioned at the back for superior weight distribution, and inboard rear disc brakes reduced un-sprung weight. Three Milano trim levels were available at launch: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These models had a 2.5-liter, SOHC version of the Busso V6, producing 154 horsepower. 

The Platinum model included a leather interior, sunroof, ABS brakes, and a limited-slip differential. By the end of 1987, Alfa Romeo added a range-topping Verde trim level, which featured a 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 185 horsepower. The car was praised for its handling, engine performance, and distinctive design. 

Despite its age and wear, some owners have expressed their strong attachment to the Milano, appreciating its unique Italian executive sedan design, historic significance, and driving characteristics. 

The New Milano SUV

Alfa Romeo Milano.

In an exciting development, Alfa Romeo revealed that the Milano will be officially unveiled in April 2024, with the fully electric version set to hit the European market in September of the same year. 

This latest addition to Alfa Romeo's lineup is intended to welcome back Alfisti fans who have been waiting to confirm their love for Alfa Romeo, as well as attract individuals seeking a unique sporting experience in the subcompact crossover SUV segment and the distinctive beauty of Italian design. 

The Milano's launch signifies an important milestone in Alfa Romeo's transition to electric vehicles. It is expected to share its foundations with other Stellantis B-SUVs, including the Jeep Avenger and the Fiat 600, offering additional practicality through a taller five-door body style. 

The Alfa Romeo Milano represents a significant move for the brand and is poised to make a strong impact in the subcompact crossover SUV segment. 

With its heritage, unique design, and focus on electrification, the Milano could further strengthen Alfa Romeo's global presence and provide enthusiasts with a new and exciting option in the market. 

The All-New Alfa Romeo Milano In Final Testing Phase At The Balocco Proving Grounds

Alfa Romeo Milano enters final testing phase at the Balocco Proving Ground.

The air buzzes with anticipation in the quaint town of Balocco, a name synonymous with high-performance testing and automotive excellence. The Alfa Romeo Milano, a much-vaunted addition to the Italian carmaker's storied lineup, is undergoing rigorous development tests, carving its place in history at the company's renowned testing site. 

As the world turns its gaze to Milan, the birthplace of Italian design, Alfa Romeo prepares to unveil the Milano in a spectacular event scheduled for April 10, which will be shared with the world through a global livestream. 

As Alfa Romeo's first 100% electric vehicle, the Milano represents not just a step but a giant leap forward for the brand. 

The Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, the creative powerhouse behind the car's design, is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the Milano embodies the essence of Alfa Romeo – a fusion of sportiness, elegance, and cutting-edge technology. 

Guiding this electric marvel through its developmental paces is a team of Italian engineers whose combined expertise has given birth to some of Alfa Romeo's most revered projects. 

From the 4C to the Giulia GTA, these engineers have been the architects behind cars that are no less than rolling sculptures, epitomizing passion and performance. 

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Big Names For Big Brand

Domenico Bagnasco of Alfa Romeo.

Domenico Bagnasco

At the helm of Milano's dynamic testing is Domenico Bagnasco, a name that resonates with Alfa enthusiasts worldwide. With a résumé that reads like a greatest hits album of Alfa Romeo sports cars, Bagnasco brings a wealth of experience in crafting vehicles that deliver exhilarating driving experiences. 

The Milano, under his scrupulous guidance, is being honed to meet the lofty standards set by its predecessors, with a particular focus on its dynamic essence. The project is spearheaded by Stefano Cereda, whose involvement with Alfa Romeo is deeply etched into the brand's recent history. 

Known for his pivotal role in developing the Giulia and Stelvio diesel engines, Cereda's journey with Alfa Romeo began with the Giorgio project, a testament to the dedication and secrecy that Alfa Romeo demands of its top engineers. 

Now at the reins of the Milano project, Cereda brings the same level of dedication and expertise that saw the Tonale’s Plug-In Hybrid Q4 280HP engine come to fruition. 

The Milano's technical prowess is overseen by Luigi Domenichelli, a seasoned engineer whose task is to ensure seamless integration and validation of all vehicle subsystems. 

His focus lies in striking the perfect balance between Alfa Romeo's hallmark driving dynamics and the need for a class-leading ergonomic experience, underscored by an advanced human-machine interface. 

Alfa Romeo's commitment to driving dynamics remains uncompromised in the Milano. With a meticulous approach to suspension tuning and a steadfast focus on achieving direct and precise steering geometry, the Milano will naturally offer a driving experience that's as sharp as it is engaging. 

A High-Stake  Legacy Worth Protecting

Stefano Cereda of Alfa Romeo.

Stefano Cereda                     

As the Milano’s development continues, Alfa Romeo looks to, at least, contribute to redefining what it means to drive an electric vehicle. With a legacy steeped in creating cars that stir the soul, it’s unacceptable for the Milano to be just another electric car. 

The segment expects a statement of intent – a bold proclamation that the future of Alfa Romeo will be as electrifying as its past. The world awaits the full revelation on April 10, when the Milano will take center stage in Milan, but until then, the whispers of its potential continue to inspire dreams of electric grandeur. 

Committing to an electrified future doesn't mean a departure from the brand's core values. On the contrary, the Milano looks, to all intent and purposes, a harmonious blend of Alfa Romeo's racing heritage and its forward-thinking vision. 

The SUV must capture the hearts of the Alfisti while paving the way for a new audience that values sustainability without compromising on performance. 

A Proving Ground Of Champions

Alfa Romeo Milano coming in April 2024.

The pursuit of perfection at the Balocco Proving Ground is relentless. Test drivers push the Milano to its limits, ensuring that every aspect of the vehicle meets the stringent criteria set forth by Alfa Romeo's dynamic engineers. 

The Proving Ground, with its varied terrain and challenging conditions, offers the perfect backdrop for refining the Milano's performance, from its electrifying acceleration to its graceful handling around the tightest of corners. Innovation runs deep within Milano's veins. 

The electric powertrain is not just about environmental responsibility; it's about delivering instant torque, silent operation, and a new level of connectivity that seamlessly integrates with the driver's lifestyle. 

With the Milano, Alfa Romeo is crafting an experience that will define the brand’s future. The Milano's interior will reflect a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, combining luxury materials with intuitive technology. 

The cabin will be a sanctuary of comfort and style, ensuring that every journey is as pleasurable as it is memorable. With an eye on the future, the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile ensures that the human-machine interface is not just functional but also an extension of the driver's own senses. 

The Time Is Nigh

Alfa Romeo Milano SUV.

The excitement is palpable as the Alfa Romeo Milano’s global reveal draws near. The live-streamed event promises to be a showcase of Italian design and engineering prowess. 

Enthusiasts from around the world will be watching as Alfa Romeo turns a new page in its storied history book, introducing a car that promises to be as iconic as the city it's named after. 

Considering the sheer number of high-powered offerings already commanding the market, it sounds like wishful thinking that Alfa Romeo plans to lead the electric revolution instead of joining it. 

Regardless, the entry-level Milano electric SUV and what comes after it will certainly turn a new chapter for the brand and push the boundaries of what's possible using the same passion, flair, and dedication to excellence that has defined the brand for over a century.

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