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15 Jan

Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport recently announced a trailblazing partnership to create the most powerful Abarth ever, the Abarth 600e, not to be mistaken for the UK favorite Fiat 600e. 

The collaboration aims to set a new standard in the arena of electric propulsion, with the new Abarth 600e boasting 240 horsepower. That’s a chunky 90 ponies over the 2023 Fiat Abarth 500e’s 150-hp output. 

The new 600e collaborative project is a tribute to Abarth's racing history, with the brand's technological "transfer" from competitions to rad-going production cars ensuring a thrilling driving experience. 

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History And Motorsport Exploits

Abarth is an iconic name in the automotive industry with a rich history of motorsport success and engineering innovation. Founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth, the company quickly gained a reputation for producing powerful, performance-oriented cars that excelled on the track. 

Abarth's heritage in motorsport and its tradition of pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering cemented its status as a legendary brand in the racing world. Visionary and talented engineer Carlo Abarth established Abarth & C. to build racing cars and high-performance automotive components. 

The company's early years were marked by numerous successes in motorsport, including victories in the European Hillclimb Championship and the Mille Miglia, a grueling endurance race testing both drivers and their vehicles. 

Abarth quickly gained recognition for its ability to extract exceptional performance from small-displacement engines. The brand became synonymous with lightweight, agile, and powerful cars that dominated the racing circuits of the 1950s and 1960s. 

Abarth's signature scorpion logo became a symbol of excellence and a badge of honor for drivers and racing enthusiasts around the world. 

Collaborations for Racing Success and Innovation

Abarth-Stellantis Motorsport collaboration.

Throughout its history, Abarth collaborated with various automakers, including Fiat, Porsche, and Simca, to develop competition cars that pushed the boundaries of speed and handling. 

These collaborations and Abarth's relentless pursuit of performance led to victories in numerous racing categories, including rallying, circuit racing, and endurance events. 

The current partnership with Stellantis Motorsport combines Abarth's racing DNA with Motorsport's expertise to enhance the brand's tradition and heritage in the racing field. 

The result is a high-performance platform called Perfo-eCMP, which integrates a blend of technologies, racing expertise, and engineering know-how to create the most powerful Abarth to date. 

One of Abarth's most celebrated achievements was its dominance in the World Rally Championship, where the brand's cars became synonymous with speed, agility, and success. 

Abarth 600e.

Abarth's legacy is not only defined by its motorsport successes but also by its remarkable engineering achievements. 

The fruits of the brand's dedication to performance and precision include legendary models like the Abarth 595, 695, and 124 Spider, all of which embodied the spirit of motorsport in road-going vehicles. 

From developing high-revving engines to implementing advanced chassis dynamics, Abarth never let up on the pedal for spectacular engineering, delivering road and track cars that sparked discussions around the world. 

As Abarth moves forward into the future, the brand remains dedicated to its motorsport roots while embracing new partnerships for technological and engineering advancements. 

Abarth's participation in various racing series, including the TCR and GT championships, reflects its ongoing commitment to performance and competition. 

The new Abarth 600e will prioritize fun, performance, and safety for the brand's enthusiasts, marking a significant milestone in Abarth's electrification journey while remaining faithful to its roots. 

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Abarth-Stellantis Motorsport Partnership

Abarth-Stellantis Motorsport partnership.

Stellantis Motorsport, the racing division of the global automotive leader Stellantis, represents a convergence of heritage, technology, and passion for motorsport. 

With a diverse portfolio of brands, including Abarth, under its umbrella, Stellantis Motorsport demonstrates a commitment to racing excellence and innovation. The division has participated in various racing categories, including rally and endurance racing. 

Stellantis Motorsport's involvement in motorsport cuts across multiple disciplines, including Formula 1, endurance racing, and touring car championships, where its brands have achieved numerous victories and championship titles. 

The division serves as a platform for Stellantis' automotive brands to showcase their racing DNA and technological prowess while also providing a testing ground for developing cutting-edge technologies and engineering innovations. 

The partnership between Stellantis Motorsport and Abarth holds significant implications for the automotive industry and motorsport landscape. 

By combining the racing heritage and technical expertise of Abarth with Stellantis Motorsport's resources and experience, the collaboration spells a new benchmark in performance and electrification. 

Thus, the partnership for Abarth 600e’s development underscores a move to leverage motorsport technology and racing DNA to enhance the performance and driving experience of Abarth's road cars. 

Furthermore, the Abarth-Stellantis partnership signifies a paradigm shift in electric automotive performance, where electrification does not compromise Abarth’s high-performance ethos and racing heritage. 

The implications of this partnership extend beyond the development of a single model, as it emphasizes a shared vision for the future of high-performance EVs

Ultimately, the collaboration between Stellantis Motorsport and Abarth represents a fusion of racing passion, engineering excellence, and technological innovation. It demonstrates a concerted effort to propel the automotive industry forward while upholding the values of performance, heritage, and driving excitement that define both entities. 

600e, the most powerful Abarth, ever.

The implications of the partnership are far-reaching, as they signal an exciting new chapter in the evolution of high-performance electric vehicles and the enduring legacy of Abarth in the world of motorsport. 

The new Abarth 600e's key features include a high-performance powertrain, advanced braking system, and improved tires for maximum grip without compromising range and acoustics. Inside, the car features high comfort seats with racing ergonomics. 

The spirit of Abarth lives on in the next generation of high-performance vehicles, where the legacy of motorsport excellence continues to inspire enthusiasts and drivers alike. 

With a focus on innovation, heritage, and the pursuit of speed, Abarth remains a driving force in the automotive world, building on its illustrious past to create an exciting future. The 600e’s announcement and the Abarth-Stellantis Motorsport partnership generated significant excitement and anticipation for the most powerful Abarth ever. 

Where Fiat’s range-topping 600e La Prima sells for £36,995 ($47,118), you can expect the most powerful Abarth to eclipse this price.

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