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Less than 24 hours ago, Davido took to Instagram to announced the arrival of his new ‘baby’ to Nigeria, and this baby turned out to be one of 150 limited-production V12-powered Maybach S-Class S680. The big-spending singer only recently returned to the ‘show’ business after taking time to mourn the death of his son, Ifeanyi. 

According to widespread report, the Nigerian celebrated Afro-pop singer David Adeleke, aka Davido, splurged hundreds of thousands of dollars on a brand-new 2023 model of the Maybach S680 just two days after wrapping up his Timeless concert held at TBS, Lagos on 23rd April, 2023. He also reportedly spent a couple millions more on luxury watches and jewelry. 

The Maybach S680 commemorates the late American fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Abloh gets this posthumous honor due to his previous collaborations with the three pointed star’s chief designer on Project Maybach, resulting in two special Maybach models. One is the solar-powered, super-luxurious first-ever Maybach off-road model, while the second is a reimagined S-Class S680, one of which Davido just flew home. Below are details of the Maybach S-Class S680 V12. 

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What Is Davido's Maybach S-Class S680 V12

Davidos-2023-Maybach-S680-Virgil-Abloh Via Sellatease.

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is a luxury sedan manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, a German multinational automotive company and a division of Daimler AG. 

Mercedes-Benz revived the Maybach brand in 2015 as a luxury sub-brand, and the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is one of the flagship models of the brand. 

Features Of The Maybach S-Class S680 V12

Davido's Maybach S680 Via Twitter.

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is an epitome of luxury, performance, and opulence, designed to cater to the most discerning clientele. 

The car is a flagship model of the Mercedes-Benz brand, known for its unparalleled craftsmanship, engineering, and comfort. 

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12 Exterior Design

2023 Mercedes-Maybach S680

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12’s exterior design is elegant and imposing. The car is based on the new-generation S-Class platform, but it has been stretched and widened to provide more interior space. 

The sedan’s front fascia exudes power and prestige, thanks to the large, chrome-finished grille and sleek LED headlights. The side profile is characterized by long, flowing lines, highlighted by the 20-inch alloy wheels and the chrome accents. 

The rear is equally impressive, with the elongated taillights, the dual exhaust system, and the Maybach emblem proudly displayed on the trunk lid. 

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12 Interior Design And Tech Features

2023 Mercedes-Maybach S680 interior.

The interior of the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is a masterpiece of luxury and technology. The cabin is spacious, with plenty of room for passengers to stretch out and relax. 

The seats are upholstered in the finest leather, and they are equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage functions. 

The dashboard is dominated by two large, high-resolution screens, including a sprawling 12.8-inch digital instrument panel and a 12.3-inch OLED touchscreen infotainment system that display all the vehicle's information, entertainment, and navigation features. 

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2023 Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture S680 technology.

The car also sports a full-color head-up display, just to make sure the Maybach continues the S-Class’ tradition of demonstrating the marque’s latest technological advancements. 

The Maybach S-Class S680 V12 also comes with a Burmester high-end 4D surround sound 30-speaker system, which provides an immersive audio experience for the passengers. 

Maybach S-Class S680 V12 Engine And Performance

Davido buys 2023 Maybach S680.

Under the hood, the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 boasts a powerful 6.0-liter V12 engine, which produces 621 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. 

The engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive system, which provides excellent traction and handling. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds, and it has a top speed of 155 miles per hour. 

Note that Project Maybach also offers the S680 with a twin-turbo V8 mill cranking out some 496 horsepower. So, it’s noteworthy that OBO went for the baddest V12 mill. 

The automaker presents both powerplants as different trim levels of the luxury sedan. But make no mistake, both the V8 and V12 brims with the same generous list of standard features. They’re all in. 

Maybach S-Class S680 V12 Safety Features

2023 Mercedes-Maybach S680 features.

In terms of safety, the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is equipped with the latest driver assistance and safety features. 

The car comes with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. The car also has a 360-degree camera system, which provides a bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings. 

We note that this car is verifiably one of the few vehicles that can look ultra-luxe full-size sedans like Rolls-Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur in the eye without flinching or batting an eyelid. 

Although these top sedans may handle similarly on the road, the Maybach offers a level of exclusivity that Flying Spur, for example, cannot promise you. 

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We’ve already mentioned that the Maybach S680 will have just 150 made, but we haven’t mentioned that Davido is the very first of the 150 to buy the car – worldwide. 

2023 Maybach S-Class S680 V12 Price

2023 Maybach S680 price.

Although the 2023 Maybach S-Class S680 has a manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP) range of $193,400 to $229,000 (₦89,350,800.00 to ₦105,798,000.00, using the official exchange rate), Davido’s copy reportedly set him back $600,000 (₦450 million, using the black market exchange rate), probably thanks to extra options and customizations. 

That’s a princely sum to pay for the personalized paint and interior trim options, which is actually new with the 2023 Maybach S680. This is the car for those to whom the luxurious S-Class Benz isn’t enough; people who long for more exclusivity. 

Final Word On Davido’s Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S680

Summarily, the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is a luxury sedan that offers the ultimate driving and riding experience. 

The car is a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and technology, and it is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. If you have the cash and wants a car that combines luxury and performance, then the Maybach S-Class S680 V12 is definitely worth considering.

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