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The Honda Crosstour was a midsize hatchback that seats five and competed with models such as the Subaru Outback and Toyota Venza. It comes with two trim levels: the EX and EX-L, both available with a four-cylinder or V6 engine. The EX-L with a V6 used all-wheel drive, while all others are front-wheel drive. 

Originally named the Accord Crosstour, the Honda Crosstour’s design showcased a distinctive tapering back roofline. It was initially called Accord Crosstour because it took its foundation from the eighth-generation Honda Accord, specifically tailored for the North American market. With pricing ranging from N4 million to N15 million in the used “tokunbo” car market, the Crosstour makes a strong case for car shoppers in Nigeria. 

It was released in November 2009 as a 2010 model, but production ceased after the 2015 model for reasons beyond its lackluster market performance. This article dives into the Crosstour across model years, including its features, pricing, reliability, and why it was discontinued. 

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Honda Crosstour Model Years

2010 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N4 Million
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour.

Photo credit: MercurySable99 via Wikimedia

The 2010 Honda Crosstour is a hatchback offshoot of the Honda Accord sedan. It was notable for its versatile cargo space and a standard V6 engine. The Crosstour was an all-new model for 2010, offering two trim levels: EX and EX-L. 

2010 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine3.5-Liter i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic
0-60 Acceleration7.1 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD


The 2010 Honda Crosstour comes with a robust V6 engine that delivers 271 horsepower, mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, and was available with either front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). 

Handling-wise, reviewers reported that the Crosstour has a pleasant, car-like ride and accurate steering. It is not completely sensory-depriving like most crossovers and retains most of the sedan's overall composure. 

The Crosstour’s steering is not as crisp as the sedan, but it does feel like a heavier Accord sedan. The Crosstour has a responsive transmission and decent ride comfort, but its large turning circle and limited rear visibility are noted as drawbacks. 

The car's cabin features include unique gauges, wood trim, and high-rent leather upholstery. It scored high safety ratings for its class and came with safety features, such as active front seat head restraints, antilock disc brakes with brake assist, stability control, front side airbags, and full-length side curtain airbags. 

It earned an impressive JD Power Quality and Reliability consumer rating of 87 out of 100 and 88 out of 100 for the driving experience. 

If you’re looking to buy a used 2010 Crosstour, some common problems you should know, as reported by reviewers, include the brakes taking longer than expected to stop the heavy car, as well as fuel economy that does not measure up to top competitors. 

Nigerian-used 2010 Honda Crosstour has a street value of around N4 million, while foreign-used models can set you back an average of N7 million, depending on the overall condition. 

Buying in America, the average price paid for a used 2010 Honda Crosstour falls in the range of $8,407 (N7.688 million at N914.47/$) to $9,331 (N8.533 million). 

2011 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N3.5 Million
2011 Honda Crosstour.

Photo credit: McConnell Honda

The 2011 Honda Crosstour is a unique vehicle that combines elements of a sedan, crossover, and station wagon. Following the steps of the 2010 models, it offered just two trims – EX and EX-L trim levels. 

2011 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine3.5-liter i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic
0-60 Acceleration7.1 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD


The 2011 Honda Crosstour uses a V6 engine with 271 horsepower, a responsive transmission system, and available front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations, although the all-wheel drive option can make the car feel heavy. In any case, owners described the handling as pleasant and car-like. 

The interior offers driver-friendly center-console controls, unique gauges, and wood trim. The safety features include Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Side-Impact Door Beams, Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH), Lower Anchors (2nd-Row Outboard), Tether Anchors (2nd-Row All), and Child-Proof Rear Door Locks, among others and available in both trims. 

The 2011 MY Crosstour mirrors its older sibling’s reliability, posting an impressive 8.5 out of 100 in JD Power Quality and Reliability rating. 

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the most common issues that brought the 2011 Crosstour for servicing are mostly regular maintenance issues, including transmission fluid flush, battery replacement, cabin and engine air filters replacement, and "check engine light" engine diagnostics. 

Pricing for Nigerian-used 2011 Honda Crosstour currently hovers around N3.5 million, while foreign-used models typically go for around N7 million.

Importing from the USA? The average price range for used 2011 Honda Crosstour models in America is between $9,714 (N8.884 million) and $12,942 (N11.835 million), with an original MSRP range of $29,990 (N27.425 million) to $36,540 (N33.415 million). 

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2012 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N5 Million
2012 Honda Crosstour.

Photo credit: Tebercil via Wikimedia

The 2012 Honda Crosstour is a practical and comfortable vehicle that attempts to blend the qualities of a car with those of an SUV. It comes with several notable features and two trim levels, including the EX and the leather-upholstered EX-L trim featuring Honda’s Satellite-linked Navigation System. 

2012 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine2.4-Liter i-VTEC 4-Cyl / 3.5-Liter i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic
Horsepower192 to 271
0-60 Acceleration6.9 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD

If you’re interested in a Crosstour with better fuel economy, you might want to turn your attention to the 2012 model and upwards. For the 2012 model year, Honda introduced a new 2.4-liter inline-4 for the FWD Crosstour, inadvertently reducing the vehicle's price point while enhancing energy efficiency. 

Consequently, the 4-cylinder 2012 Crosstour returned an EPA-estimated city/highway/combined fuel economy of 21/29/24 mpg, while its V6 counterpart posted an EPA-estimated 18 mpg city and 27 mpg highway. 

The new straight-4 engine made 192 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 162 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm, mated to a technologically advanced 5-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control. 

Standard tech features on the 2012 Crosstour include an automatic dimming rearview mirror, a rearview mirror backup camera display for improved rear visibility (non-Navigation models), convenient auto-on/off headlights, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, and a USB audio interface. 

Owners praised the large backseat, rear cargo box, and easy-to-fold seats but were not as appreciative of the meager cargo space. 

The 2012 Honda Crosstour shined in the reliability aspect, returning a highly impressive 4.8 out of 5 dependability score based on consumer reviews. The common problems include reported oil consumption and axle issues in certain models. 

Most drivers recommend this car for comfort, interior, performance, value, exterior design, and reliability. 

A budget of N5 million should get you a locally used 2012 Crosstour in decent condition, but don’t be surprised to pay anywhere between N7 million and N9 million for foreign-used models. 

The average used price paid for this car in America is between $11,422 (N10.445 million) and $12,828 (N11.731 million). It had an original MSRP of $30,440 (N27.837 million) - $36,640 (N33.507 million). 

2013 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N6 Million
2013 Honda Crosstour EX-L V6 AWD.

The 2013 Honda Crosstour seamlessly blends versatility and style in a unique crossover experience. The car’s distinctive design, comfortable interior, and advanced features make it well-suited for those seeking a practical yet refined driving solution. Like its predecessors, the trim levels remained EX and EX-L variants, propelled by a choice of 4-cylinder and V6 engines. 

2013 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine2.4-Liter i-VTEC 4-Cyl / 3.5-Liter i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic / 6-Speed Automatic
Horsepower192 to 271
0-60 Acceleration6.6 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD


After introducing a more efficient 4-cylinder engine the previous year, Honda added a six-speed automatic transmission for the V6-powered Crosstour in 2013. FWD remained the standard configuration along the available AWD. 

Safety features on the 2013 Honda Crosstour include LaneWatch, Forward collision warning, and Lane departure warning, contributing to its IIHS Top Safety Pick award

As usual, owners praised the large backseat and easy-to-fold seats but expressed displeasure with the limited cargo space compared to competitors. 

The cabin offered tech features like a standard backup camera and available collision-warning system, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. 

The car's reliability remained on par with its predecessors, as evidenced by the 3.5 out of 5 JD Power Quality and Reliability score. Unfortunately, there were many reports of starter failure with this particular model year along with engine overheating. 

However, note that Honda initiated a recall to fix this problem. When you find a 2013 Crosstour, check the history to see if it was sent back during the recall. 

If you’re looking to buy a Nigerian used 2013 Honda Crosstour in decent condition, prepare a war chest of N6 million to N7 million or N10 million to N12 million for foreign-used models. 

This model currently goes for $11,106 (N10.456 million) to $13,600 (N12.437 million) in America, with an original MSRP of $27,230 (N25 million) - $37,090 (N33.918 million). 

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2014 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N7 Million
2014 Honda Crosstour.

Photo credit: Jatronic via Wikimedia

The 2014 Honda Crosstour represents a continuation of Honda's commitment to blending the best attributes of a sedan and an SUV. With its sleek design, ample interior space, and a host of technological advancements, the Crosstour remained a compelling choice for a versatile and comfortable crossover offered in EX and EX-L trim levels. 

2014 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine2.4-Liter i-VTEC 4-Cyl / 3.5-Liter i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic / 6-Speed Automatic
Horsepower192 / 278
0-60 Acceleration5.9 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD


Honda finally succumbed to criticisms of the Crosstour’s sluggish performance and updated the V6, raising the output from 271 to 278 horsepower. Or maybe it was a last-ditch effort to attract more customers and give the car one last chance to prove its market value. 

Either way, the 2014 Crosstour was not only more powerful but also quicker, closing the 0-60 mph gap in less than six seconds. The V6 got the new six-speed transmission introduced the previous year, while the 192-hp 2.4-liter inline-4 remained unchanged. 

Besides the updated power, there’s not much else to differentiate it from the previous model. The car-like handling was still there, along with the roomy interior and stellar safety and reliability ratings. 

This makes you wonder why the Crosstour fared badly on the market. We’ll discuss that near the bottom of this article. 

The main thing people had a problem with was the limited cargo capacity compared to other wagons. Shoppers figured the trunk volume should do better since the styling encroached on station wagon territory. 

Honda Crosstour trunk.

Photo credit: Autoevolution

At least, the car returned a 4.0 out of 5 quality and reliability score from JD Power, placing it at the top with the most dependable wagons of 2014. 

In any case, tech and safety features on the 2014 Crosstour include Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a navigation system (available on EX-L models), a rearview camera, and the Honda LaneWatch. 

Based on data from a Honda Crosstour forum, tire cupping seems fairly common with the 2014 model typically due to wheel alignment issues. 

If you intend to buy from the USA, you should know that the average price paid for the 2014 Crosstour ranges from $14,404 (N13.172 million) to $18,012 (N16.480 million). 

In Nigeria, around N7 million should pay for a locally used 2014 Honda Crosstour or N9 million to N14 million for foreign-used models. The original MSRP was $27,380 (N25 million) - $37,240 (N34 million). 

2015 Honda Crosstour

  • Average Used Price: N12 Million
Facelift 2015 Honda Crosstour.

Photo credit: Navigator88 via Wikimedia

The 2015 Honda Crosstour is a midsize hatchback with better cargo-carrying versatility compared to a conventional family sedan. The two trim levels are EX and EX-L, with the starting MSRP listed at $27,530 for the EX trim. The starting MSRP for the EX-L trim stood at $31,215. 

2015 Honda Crosstour Specifications
Engine2.4-Liter i-VTEC 4-Cyl / 3.5-Liter  i-VTEC V6
Transmission5-Speed Automatic / 6-Speed Automatic
Horsepower192 / 278
0-60 Acceleration5.9 Seconds
DrivetrainFWD / AWD


The 2015 Honda Crosstour is available with a 192-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a five-speed automatic transmission or a 278-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 with a six-speed automatic with shift paddles. 

The vehicle has a fuel-saving cylinder-deactivation technology for the V6 engine and is offered in front- or all-wheel drive configurations. 

Key features include responsive transmission, a large backseat, easy-to-fold seats, high-quality available leather upholstery, and a backup camera as standard. The vehicle also offers all-wheel drive capability and optional forward collision warning. 

The Crosstour comes with a four-star rollover safety rating from the NHTSA and offers additional safety features such as lane departure warning and a camera-based LaneWatch system on higher trims. 

The car’s good points include a spacious interior, good ride quality, and practicality, while the drawbacks include unsupportive, uncomfortable front seats, a small cargo area compared to competitors, and poor rearward visibility due to its sloping roofline. 

For those looking to buy the Honda Crosstour, Kelley Blue Book found that the most common repairs done on the 2015 model include brake pads and rotor replacement, cabin air filter replacement, tire mounts and balancing, and battery replacement. 

In terms of pricing, the average price customers paid for used Honda Crosstour 2015 ranged from $15,521 (N14.194 million) to $19,701 (N18.016 million). 

A budget of N12 million to N15 million should get you a decent tokunbo 2015 Honda Crosstour in Nigeria. 

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Is Honda Crosstour A Good Car?

2010 Honda Crosstour interior.

Photo credit: Autoblog

The Honda Crosstour received mixed reviews, with some praising its versatile design and features, while others found its styling and practicality questionable. Judging this car comes down to personal preferences and transportation needs relative to whether it's a good fit for you or not. 

The Worst Honda Crosstour Model Years

2010 Honda Crosstour i-VTEC 3.5-Liter V6 engine.

Certain Crosstour years were marred by mechanical issues and safety recalls. Thorough research into consumer complaints, recall data and reliability ratings points to the following Honda Crosstour years as potentially troublesome: 

  • 2010 Honda Crosstour: Notorious for significant problems with brakes and transmission.
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour: This stands out as the worst year, with engine, steering, fuel system, and electrical issues.
  • 2014 Honda Crosstour: Common complaints include oil consumption and faulty airbags.

According to J.D. Power, the 2013 model is particularly problematic, marked by serious engine and electrical issues leading to numerous recalls and consumer complaints. 

Engine problems, including overheating and failure, coupled with electrical system issues, created safety risks and unexpected expenses for owners. 

For a more dependable and satisfying Honda Crosstour experience, shoppers might want to consider model years outside of these flagged periods. 

The Best Honda Crosstour Model Years

2010 Honda Crosstour EX-L with navigation rear seat.

For those considering a Honda Crosstour, the 2015 models emerge as top choices, recognized for their reliability and minimal issues. Significant improvements in engine design and the electrical system contribute to fewer complaints and recalls, fostering a more enjoyable driving experience. 

It’s the last year for the Crosstour, and its major issues over the years resolved for the 2015 model year. 

CarComplaints documented (comparatively few) 28 complaints and three recalls for the 2015 Crosstour, with some recurring electrical system concerns. Despite these issues, the 2015 model remains a solid choice for a used midsize crossover. 

How Long Does The Honda Crosstour Last?

2013 Honda Crosstour front seats.

Photo credit: USNews

The Honda Crosstour stands out for its remarkable longevity, a testament to its solid engineering and reliable design. With proper care and regular maintenance, owners commonly report the Crosstour lasting well beyond 200,000 miles, and some even reaching an impressive 300,000 miles without major issues, according to J.D. Power. 

Achieving such impressive mileage, however, requires diligent effort. Regular oil changes, timely inspections, adherence to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, and prompt attention to any emerging issues are crucial steps to improve your vehicle’s longevity. 

The Real Reasons Why Honda Discontinued The Crosstour

2013 Honda Crosstour backseat.

Photo credit: USNews

Honda ultimately decided to discontinue the Crosstour due to a combination of unfavorable aesthetic perceptions and market dynamics.

 Despite efforts to defend the Crosstour's design, the global negative reception of its initial photos on social media, coupled with criticisms of its awkward proportions and unattractive rear 3/4 angle, played a significant role in its poor market outings. 

While some fans saw the Crosstour’s daring design as an inspiration for sleek fastback sedans, it couldn’t measure up to fellow dreamers like the BMW X6 and Acura ZDX, both of which faced their fair share of criticisms and were positioned as luxury vehicles

Although the Crosstour had positive attributes, such as being based on the well-regarded Accord and offering decent cabin space, its sleek profile compromised cargo practicality compared to more traditional crossovers like the Toyota Venza and Subaru Outback. 

The initial decision to offer only one trim, the EX-L V6, with limited options and a higher entry price, created a less competitive market position against versatile alternatives like the Venza. 

Ultimately, the combination of aesthetic concerns, cargo limitations, and market competitiveness forced Honda to discontinue the Crosstour after the 2015 MY in favor of more successful models. 

Honda's Executive Vice President, John Mendel, confirmed the Crosstour's demise for the 2016 model year, citing disappointment with its sales and the changing landscape of the crossover market. 

The model’s introduction in 2010 was an attempt to bridge the gap between a crossover and a traditional station wagon. However, the idea failed to gain popularity and catch on like its counterparts. 

Despite attempts to boost sales, such as making the model look more rugged, its sales continued to decline. In place of the Crosstour, Honda believed that the 2016 Honda HR-V subcompact crossover would create new value for crossover shoppers. 

The company anticipated a higher demand for the HR-V compared to the Crosstour, as well as recognized changes in the crossover segment since the Crosstour's debut. 

The decision to discontinue the Crosstour and focus on other crossover models, such as the HR-V, CR-V, Acura RDX, and MDX, reflected Honda's strategy to adapt to customer preferences and market trends. 

Is The Honda Crosstour Expensive To Maintain?

Honda Accord Crosstour front fascia.

Photo credit: MotorBiscuit

The average maintenance cost of a Honda Crosstour is approximately $520. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on the age, mileage, location, and shop. 

However, the annual cost estimate to maintain a Honda Crosstour is approximately $1,239, depending on your service provider, with an average repair and maintenance cost ranging from $105 to $2,350, and an average cost of $334. 

It's important to note that these figures are based on aggregated data for US customers and do not directly apply to drivers in Nigeria. 

Since the cost of fixing a car varies by regional factors such as labor rates, availability of parts, and local economic conditions, Crosstour’s reported average repairs and maintenance cost is substantially cheaper in Nigeria. 

For example, a Honda Crosstour brake fluid flush costs $90 to $200 in the United States, while the same will set you back less than N20,000 in Nigeria. Comparatively, that’s up to N163,000 cheaper than stateside. 

So, while repairs and maintenance costs are relative, JD Power agrees that the Honda Crosstour is a remarkably cheap car to own.

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