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12 Jan
  • The Citroën Holidays van creates adaptable living space for travelers, with up to 4 sleeping spaces, a kitchen, a removable table, and a retractable roof.
  • Designed to embrace the "Van Life" movement, the Holidays van inspires freedom, adventure, and a deeper connection with the world.
  • The Holidays’ interior is modular, accommodating sleeping, cooking, dining, and relaxation.
  • The van incorporates advanced driving assistance technologies for safety and ease of handling.
  • Citroën Holidays promotes responsible and sustainable travel, encouraging users to explore off the beaten path while minimizing their ecological footprint.

The Citroen Holidays is downright the best car to live in because the automaker developed it from the ground up to be lived in, not briefly, but for as long as necessary. It's not actually a car in the literal sense, but a van with - wait for it - "up to 4 sleeping spaces, a kitchen, a removable table, a retractable roof, swiveling front seats, and many other features." Described as a mobile cocoon, Citroen says the Holidays is "optimized down to the smallest details, allowing for a comfortable and constraint-free travel experience." 

With the Holidays parked in your driveway, you're not really that worried about your rent expiring. As long as you know safe and legal places you can sleep in your car, the Citroen Holidays is your sweet home on wheels, equipped with just about every day-to-day amenities to keep up to four people as comfortable and non-inconvenienced as one can be on the road. 

The Holidays can be Noah's Ark for people facing the bleak prospect of eviction, but the real idea behind its development is the Van Life. It's a technologically advanced van based on the Citroen SpaceTourer, "practical for everyday use while offering great freedom to discover the world with complete peace of mind." Let's check it out.

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Citroën Holidays: The New Vehicle for the Ultimate Van Life Experience

2024 Citroen Holidays camper van.

The concept of "Van Life" has evolved from a niche lifestyle to a mainstream travel philosophy, embraced by those who yearn for adventure, freedom, and a deeper connection with the world. 

The French automobile manufacturer Citroën is already a brand synonymous with innovative automotive solutions and has now tapped into the Van Life movement with the launch of Citroën Holidays, a revelation in the van market that debuted recently at the CMT trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. 

For those of us who’ve been living under a rock, Van life refers to a lifestyle in which individuals choose to live and travel in a van, typically a converted or customized one, rather than a traditional home. 

This lifestyle has gained popularity in recent years, especially among people who seek a more minimalist, adventurous, and mobile way of living. Those who embrace van life often prioritize experiences, freedom, and a closer connection to nature over material possessions and the constraints of a stationary existence. 

They may travel to various locations, including national parks, beaches, and other scenic areas, and often document their journeys on social media platforms. 

Van lifers who have to modify their vans to include living quarters, such as a bed, kitchenette, and storage space, will appreciate Citroen’s offer of a Van Life-ready van, developed from the ground up and equipped from the factory as an adventure-ready vehicle. 

Citroën partnered with Bravia Mobil, a leading name in vehicle conversion to develop the Holidays. Designed to blend the comforts of home with the mobility of a vehicle, the Citroën Holidays van is a game-changer for adventurers and travel enthusiasts. 

Available in the spring of 2024, this vehicle takes the Van Life philosophy to new heights, drawing from the familiar foundation of the Citroen SpaceTourer. 

Best Features Of The Citroën Holidays: The Ultimate Home on Wheels for the Modern Nomad

2024 Citroen Holidays for nomads.

The 2024 Citroën Holidays redefines the concept of mobile living, merging the freedom of the open road with the comforts of a contemporary home. As the latest entrant in the burgeoning van life movement, Citroën Holidays is not just a vehicle but a lifestyle enabler. Let's explore the best features of this innovative van. 

1. Retractable Roof And Versatile Sleeping Arrangements

2024 Citroen Holidays retractable roof.

At the heart of Citroën Holidays' allure is its retractable body-colored roof, a standard feature that transforms the van into a spacious cabin with ample headroom. This feature is essential for a comfortable living experience, allowing occupants to stand up and move around freely, which is a luxury in mobile living spaces. 

The van's sleeping quarters are ingeniously designed to accommodate up to four people without sacrificing comfort. The convertible second-row bench and the upper bed, both with cup-shaped mattress designs, ensure that every night is a restful one. 

The inclusion of integrated blinds and ventilation options further enhances the sleeping experience, whether you’re gazing at the stars or listening to the whisper of the wind. 

2. Fully-Equipped Kitchen for Culinary Adventures

2024 Citroen Holidays kitchen.

A standout feature of the Citroën Holidays is its fully-equipped kitchen, complete with a sink, gas burners, a fridge, and a retractable table. This setup empowers travelers to prepare and enjoy meals wherever their journey takes them, whether inside the van or surrounded by nature. 

The ability to pivot the front seats toward the living space for communal dining, coupled with the option of outdoor cooking, elevates the culinary experience. The van's design even anticipates the need for shade, with a predisposition for an awning, ensuring that every meal is savored in comfort. 

3. Thoughtful Interior Design and Storage Solutions

2024 Citroen Holidays work space.

The interior of the Citroën Holidays is a testament to functional and practical design. The multi-purpose table can be easily stowed away, offering flexibility depending on the occupants' needs. 

The van boasts an array of storage spaces, a critical feature in maintaining a tidy and organized environment. With dedicated tanks for clean and wastewater, as well as the option for a rear shower and removable toilets, Citroën Holidays ensures that the necessities of daily living are taken care of with ease. 

4. Onboard Comfort and Ambiance Control

2024 Citroen Holidays interior lighting.

Citroën Holidays goes beyond basic amenities by providing a programmable heating system to maintain an optimal temperature regardless of the outside climate. 

The control panel for interior lighting ambiance allows occupants to set the mood, creating a cozy atmosphere that turns the van into a snug retreat after a day of exploration. 

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5. Connectivity and Power Options

2024 Citroen Holidays connectivity and power options.

In today's connected world, the importance of staying powered up cannot be overstated. Citroën Holidays caters to this need with a 230V external recharge point, internal sockets, USB ports, and a wireless smartphone charger. 

The option to install a solar panel on the roof extends the van's off-grid capabilities, ensuring nothing stands in the way of keeping your lusting YouTube fans updated. 

6. Towing Capabilities for Added Versatility

2024 Citroen Holidays towing capability.

The predisposition for a towing ring expands the Citroën Holidays’ functionality, allowing for the transport of additional gear or even a small trailer. 

This feature is perfect for those who require extra space or wish to bring along equipment for hobbies like kayaking, biking, or motorcycling. 

7. Seamless Integration with Nature

2024 Citroen Holidays mobile home.

The dual sliding side doors, which can be optioned as electric for ease of use, provide a seamless transition from the cozy interior to the great outdoors. 

This feature not only allows for natural ventilation but also invites occupants to step out and immerse themselves in their surroundings effortlessly. The retractable table that can be set up behind the kitchen encourages alfresco dining and socializing, making the most of scenic landscapes and beautiful weather. 

8. Eco-friendly Travel

Best car to live in: 2024 Citroen Holidays.

For the environmentally conscious traveler, the Citroën Holidays' compatibility with solar panels is a significant advantage. This feature harnesses renewable energy to power onboard electronics and reduces reliance on traditional power sources. 

By offering sustainable travel solutions, Citroën Holidays aligns with the growing desire for eco-friendly lifestyles and responsible tourism. 

9. Smart Storage for Water and Waste

2024 Citroen Holidays smart water storage.

Understanding the need for self-containment on the road, Citroën Holidays comes with a smart water management system that includes a 10-liter tank for clean water and an equivalent capacity for wastewater. 

This system simplifies the processes of obtaining fresh water and disposing of waste, ensuring that the van can support a comfortable lifestyle without frequent stops for utilities. 

10. All-Weather Readiness

2024 Citroen Holidays all-weather readiness.

Whether it's a summer road trip or a winter escape, the programmable Webasto heating system ensures that the van's interior remains comfortable. 

This feature is particularly advantageous for those who pursue year-round travel or live in their vans full-time, as it provides the ability to withstand changing climatic conditions. 

11. Advanced Entertainment and Information Systems

2024 Citroen Holidays infitainment.

To keep passengers entertained and informed on the go, Citroën Holidays can be equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment and navigation systems. These systems not only provide music and media options but also assist with route planning and locating points of interest. 

2024 Citroën Holidays’ Design And Powertrain: Versatility Meets Adventure

2024 Citroen Holidays powertrain.

The versatility and adventure-ready nature of the 2024 Citroën Holidays underlines the automaker’s commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving world of automotive design and engineering. 

Beyond a weekend getaway van, the Holidays is a daily driver, an urban explorer, and a cross-country voyager—all rolled into one. 

Design: A Harmony of Utility and Aesthetics

2024 Citroen Holidays modular interior.

The Citroën Holidays boasts a compact length of 4.98 meters, striking the perfect balance between spacious interior comfort and exterior maneuverability. 

Its agility in urban settings is a standout feature, thanks to new electric power steering providing a lighter touch and improved handling over the previous electro-hydraulic system. 

With a height just under the two-meter mark, the van navigates parking structures with ease and benefits from lower toll charges, thanks to its size. Citroën’s modern design language is evident in the Holidays model. 

It wears the brand's new identity with pride, with the updated logo and lighting signature imbuing the van with a contemporary and robust front fascia, suggesting strength without sacrificing style. 

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Available in five colors, including the new Grey Titane and Green Kapari, the 2024 Holidays presents a palette that reflects its dual nature: urban sophistication and the call of the wild. Inside, the dashboard is a work of art that marries elegance with functionality. 

The new 10-inch HD touchscreen central display is not just a technological marvel; it's also a central piece of a refreshed interior that champions intuitive use and practicality. 

The steering wheel, with an optional heating function, houses an array of integrated controls, ensuring that everything from the audio system to driving aids is within the driver's easy reach. 

Powertrain: Efficiency Meets Performance

2024 Citroen Holidays mobile cocoon.

Under the hood, the Citroën Holidays offers two diesel engine options: the BlueHDi 145 with a 6-speed manual gearbox and the BlueHDi 180 with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. These powertrains are carefully chosen to deliver the efficiency needed for daily commutes and the performance required for long-haul adventures. 

The BlueHDi technology is known for its environmental friendliness, providing lower CO2 emissions while maintaining strong driving dynamics. 

The inclusion of an electric parking brake and the Top Rear Vision reverse camera further emphasizes the Citroën Holidays' commitment to convenience and driver confidence, even in tight urban spaces.

The removable kitchen unit and toilets underscore the van's ability to transform from a comfortable daily transporter to a self-contained travel home. 

Safety and Driving Aids: A Comprehensive Package

Safety is, of course, a priority in the Citroën Holidays’ design. With 17 driving aids, the van ensures that every journey is as secure as it is enjoyable. 

From hands-free access and adaptive cruise control with a Stop & Go function to automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, every feature is implemented to heighten the sense of safety on the road. 

Driver fatigue alert, lane-keeping assist, and collision risk alert are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies that Citroën has incorporated into the Holidays model to encourage peace of mind for both daily driving and long-distance excursions. 

Citroën Holidays: Embracing The Digital Age With State-of-the-Art Tech Features

2024 Citroen Holidays tech features.

In an era where connectivity is as vital as the wheels that roll us forward, Citroën knew enough to position the Holidays van as a tech-savvy travel companion. Let's check out the high-tech features that make Citroën Holidays a modern marvel for the road. 

1. Digital Instrumentation for the Modern Driver

At the helm of the Citroën Holidays is a 10-inch digital instrument panel, now a standard feature that brings the dashboard to life with vibrant color and crisp high-definition graphics. 

Drivers can personalize their dashboard display, choosing which key information is front and center, ensuring that everything from speed to navigation is just a glance away. This level of customization is not just about function; it's about creating an aesthetic interface that enhances the driving experience. 

2. Infotainment at Your Fingertips

The centerpiece of the Citroën Holidays' tech arsenal is the large 10-inch HD touchscreen that houses the van's next-generation infotainment system. 

Offering intuitive smartphone-like ergonomics, the touchscreen is the command center, allowing easy access to multimedia, phone services, and vehicle settings. The top-tier version comes with 3D navigation, providing drivers with real-time traffic updates and interactive maps. 

3. Seamless Smartphone Integration

Understanding the need to stay connected, Citroën Holidays features wireless smartphone mirroring with Wifi function, compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

This integration ensures that your mobile device's capabilities are extended to the vehicle's central display, allowing for the use of apps, navigation, and streaming services directly through the touchscreen. 

4. Voice Recognition: Your Personal Assistant on the Go

Voice recognition technology in Citroën Holidays be smooth and responsive. By simply speaking, drivers and passengers can control the media system, place phone calls, send messages, and much more, effectively turning the van into a personal assistant. 

This hands-free convenience is more than just a flashy feature; it's a critical safety enhancement that allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

5. Riding Comfort and Acoustic Pleasure

Beyond its digital prowess, the Citroën Holidays doesn't compromise on the essence of driving pleasure. With a focus on comfort, the van boasts a welcoming interior, elevated driving position, and high-level acoustics. 

2024 Citroen Holidays’ Pricing And Availability

2024 Citroen Holidays pricing and availability.

We hate to break the sad news that the Citroen Holidays will not be sold in America, and we doubt you can import one without problems. The automaker is yet to announce pricing for the van, but Panorica claims a starting price of $42,000, in which case the Holidays would be cheaper than most camper vans out there. 

The SpaceTourer, on which the Holidays is based, was not sold in America either. In fact, Citroen hasn’t sold its vehicles officially in the North American market for close to 50 years today, not since the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) banished the Citroen SM (Sports Maserati) high-performance coupe from US roads in 1974 over non-compliance with stringent regulations. 

Times have changed, though, and you can expect Citroen vehicles to excel in global emissions and safety standards. The story of Citroen’s unavailability in America would be different today had the company managed to assimilate into the mainstream when it ran a US division. 

The French brand is currently part of Stellantis as of 2021. Even though the SpaceTourer was mainly available in Europe, we could better your mood by just saying that Citroen has not confirmed whether the Holidays will be sold in America. 

The Holidays concept was unveiled last year in Europe, and it is expected to be available for sale in the Citroën network starting in spring 2024. Despite not being sold in America, the Holidays is a global brand. 

For the record, the SpaceTourer, discontinued in 2022, returned as the e-SpaceTourer – an all-electric model with different configurations and specifications – and might even be confused for the Holidays at first glance.

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