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08 Dec

The inaugural season of the G82 model series witnessed remarkable triumphs for the new BMW M4 GT4, underlining its prowess with BMW M Motorsport teams globally. 

Clinching over 180 podium finishes, including 70 class victories, the car's success, BMW says, has spurred heightened customer interest. Responding to this demand, BMW M Motorsport has just announced it will build 50 more examples of the G82 M4 GT4, while concurrently hatching an EVO model of the race-bred BMW M4 GT4. 

“What a debut year for the new BMW M4 GT4!” said BMW M Motorsport Head of Customer Racing Björn Lellmann. “We were confident enough before the season to assume that we could continue the successes of its predecessor with this car, but the large number of victories and title wins that our teams and drivers were able to achieve right away was even a positive surprise for us.” 

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So, How Much?

how much is the BMW M4 GT4?

In mid-June of 2022, BMW announced pricing details for the then-upcoming M4 GT4 race car, slated to commence production in October for the 2023 racing season. 

Priced at the equivalent of $200,995.08 at current exchange rates, the new race car integrates advanced technologies from the production M4, blending them with components derived from its counterpart, the M4 GT3. 

Emphasizing performance, reliability, maintainability, and cost efficiency, BMW's engineers succeeded in creating an incredibly attractive competition toy for deep-pocketed customers with a need for speed – the M4 GT4. 

The M4 GT4’s Power And Performance

BMW M4 GT4 engine and performance.

With propulsion power coming from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine, the M4 GT4 generates a pounding 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. However, the power output varies based on the series' regulations you choose to participate in. 

This robust power is harnessed through a ZF seven-speed automatic gearbox featuring motorsport software. Additionally, the car is equipped with a DREXLER limited-slip differential, boasting separate temperature-controlled auxiliary cooling and motorsport-optimized driveshafts. 

The M4 GT4’s Smart Drivetrain

2023 BMW M4 GT4 cockpit.

Beyond its performance capabilities, the BMW M4 GT4 offers a mix of amenities, including the M Track cockpit. This cockpit facilitates laptop-less functionalities, allowing for direct adjustments to various vehicle settings and checks, streamlining the tuning process without the need for a separate device. 

The car is equipped with a 10-step traction control system, a specialized Recaro safety seat with ventilation, and an interior adorned with lightweight components. 

Notable features include a GT3 lightweight roof, an adjustable GT3 rear wing, five-level adjustable motorsport anti-roll bars at the front and rear, purpose-built KW two-way adjustable motorsport shock absorbers, H&R springs, and adjustable front camber and toe. 

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The Racing-Focused Technology

BMW M4 GT4 racing car.

Further enhancing performance, the vehicle incorporates double-flow brake air cooling, while ensuring driver comfort through air conditioning for cooling and a heated windshield to prevent fogging. 

“We took on the challenge to develop a successor to the highly successful first-generation BMW M4 GT4”, said Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M. “Using a wide range of customer feedback, our experienced development team and the new sixth-generation BMW M4 based production car has led to a faster, reliable and very emotional all-new BMW M4 GT4.” 

Crafted for triumphs on the racing circuit, the new G82 M4 GT4 integrates cutting-edge technologies from the production M4, seamlessly merging them with track-bred components derived from the high-performance M4 GT3. 

BMW emphasizes that their engineers dedicated attention to optimizing performance, ensuring reliability, ease of maintenance, and cost efficiency. The result is the M4 GT4, designed as an irresistible choice for customer racing, delivering a blend of performance and practicality. 

The M4 GT4’s Outstanding Success

BMW M4 GT4 racing success.

BMW M Motorsport teams secured victories and championships across Germany, Europe, Asia, and North America with the exceptional BMW M4 GT4. 

Noteworthy triumphs include FK Performance Motorsport's SP10 class victory at the 24h Nürburgring (GER), an SP10 overall victory in the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS), GT4 European Series title triumph for Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport, and title victories for Turner Motorsport in both the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge and the IMSA VP Racing SportsCar Challenge. 

Auto Technic Racing clinched the GT4 America title, while YZ Racing with BMW Team Studie secured the GT4 Asia title. 

“We are not settling on these successes,” continued Lellmann. “Due to the high demand, we are currently producing 50 additional units of the BMW M4 GT4, which will be delivered to our customers in 2024. In addition, we have decided to develop an EVO version of the BMW M4 GT4 after the BMW M4 GT3. The goal is to make an already very strong car even better with the help of our customers' feedback.” 

The anticipation builds for the BMW M4 GT4 EVO, with detailed improvements over the current model to be revealed at a later date.

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