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BMW's pioneering spirit is evident in the newly unveiled BMW iDrive 9, the latest evolution in the luxury automaker’s infotainment system. As a beacon of innovation, the iDrive 9 introduces a fresh, intuitive user interface that redefines the driving experience while ensuring cutting-edge technology and valuable information for the users. 

The BMW iDrive 9 is an impressively advanced infotainment system. Its innovative features, designed with a focus on user experience, make it a game-changer in the automotive industry. 

With this latest iteration of the cutting-edge infotainment system, the future of connected cars is truly here. We review everything you need to know below. 

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What Does The iDrive 9 Do In BMW?

What does the BMW iDrive 9 do?

BMW's iDrive 9 plays a pivotal role in delivering a focused, confident driving experience. It accomplishes this by displaying the most pertinent information where it's needed most. Whether the navigation details or media controls, the system ensures the right information is always at the driver's fingertips.

One of the standout features of the new iDrive 9 is the redesigned home screen. BMW has crafted a clear, well-organized layout displayed on the captivating BMW Curved Display

The streamlined design mimics the user-friendly nature of consumer electronic devices, reinforcing BMW's commitment to deliver a seamless digital encounter. This revamp makes navigation across functions easier, making the iDrive 9 a perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity. 

A striking aspect of the iDrive 9 is its QuickSelect concept. This innovative feature brings an improved menu structure, providing users with a more straightforward and efficient way to access the system's numerous features. 

The QuickSelect concept illustrates BMW's approach to infusing the iDrive 9 with a consumer electronics-inspired design, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable user experience. The QuickSelect functionality takes touchscreen interaction to a new level. 

It allows drivers to select programs, interact with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, activate menu options, and more, all with a simple touch. This feature dramatically simplifies the user interface, making it easier for drivers to access and control the infotainment system. 

Finally, the iDrive 9 provides improved access to a variety of online services. This increase in connectivity options enhances the driving experience and provides drivers with a wealth of information and entertainment at their fingertips. 

Which BMW Will Get The iDrive 9?

Which BMW models will get the iDrive 9?

BMW will roll out the iDrive 9 system progressively across all current BMW models throughout 2023. This means the benefits of the new system will be accessible to a wider range of BMW drivers, enhancing the overall brand experience. 

However, the futuristic curved infotainment display is currently only available on the X1, X7, iX, i4, 3 Series, and the flagship 7 Series. The iDrive 9 also brings a significant expansion in digital content for both information and entertainment. 

This translates to more regular feature updates, ensuring the system remains on the cutting edge of technology. For electric models like the all-electric 5 Series 15, the system offers improved information on charging points, so it’s easier to plan trips and extend the driving range. 

As Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company Development, Stephan Durach, said, “Today, BMW iDrive is more than just a control and operating system – it’s a digital world of experience allowing human and car to interact with one another and exchange information.” 

The Difference Between The iDrive 9 And Previous Versions

The difference between BMW iDrive and previous versions.

The BMW iDrive 9 builds upon the foundations set by the BMW Operating System 8, currently fitted in BMW models with the BMW Curved Display. 

The system is powered by the latest-generation infotainment head units responsible for graphic processing, which makes the transition to the iDrive 9 a seamless experience. 

The evolutionary BMW Operating System 8.5 will be gradually introduced in several models, including the BMW 7 Series, BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X7, and the performance-oriented BMW XM starting from July 2023 production. 

This system will continue to be based on Linux and will be paired with the largest version of the BMW Curved Display. 

In a significant shift, the new BMW Operating System 9 will be based on the Android Open Source Project software. This version will debut in the compact class with the new BMW X1 model beginning with November 2023 production. 

What sets the iDrive 9 apart is its innovative zero-layer principle. This principle ensures that all relevant functions and information are displayed on a single level, eliminating the need for submenus. This streamlines the user experience, making it more intuitive and less time-consuming. 

Drivers can now select desired functions with a simple swipe, without the need to navigate through various layers of options. The BMW iDrive 9 introduces an interactive graphic interface and optimized menu structure that centers on touchscreen and natural language interactions. 

The BMW Curved Display serves as the primary point of engagement for this immersive, multi-sensory driving experience, showcasing BMW's commitment to integrating high-quality technology within their vehicles. 

How The BMW iDrive 9 System Works

How the BMW iDrive 9 system works.

Live widgets, arranged vertically on the driver's side of the user interface, bring a new level of customization to the iDrive 9. These interactive icons can be personally configured to the driver's preference, offering a personalized driving experience. From entertainment programs to contact lists and vehicle settings, everything is within easy reach. 

Also, returning to the home screen is as simple as tapping the home icon at the lower edge of the display. This streamlined design reaffirms BMW's commitment to creating a user-friendly interface that enhances the driving experience rather than complicating it. 

In essence, the BMW iDrive 9's user-focused design and innovative features take the concept of an intelligent driving system to new heights. It exemplifies BMW's dedication to providing a seamless, interactive, and highly personalized driving experience that sets new standards for the automotive industry. 

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The New iDrive 9 Adjusts To The Driver’s Habits

The new iDrive 9 adjusts to driver's habits.

The new BMW iDrive 9 revolutionizes the way drivers interact with their vehicles by aligning its operating concept with the user habits as experienced on today's consumer electronics devices. 

This innovative approach results in a flat menu structure that simplifies and accelerates the activation of functions and settings, thus streamlining the user experience. The BMW iDrive 9 epitomizes the ideal blend of technology and design, offering a driving experience that is both enriched and simplified. 

By aligning its user interface with habits established by consumer electronics devices, BMW has created a system that is intuitive, efficient, and focused, further cementing its position as an industry leader in automotive innovation. 

The digital content, much like the hardware embodied by the BMW Curved Display, is specifically designed to optimize user experience by placing the right information in the right place at the right time. 

This effective synergy of hardware and software reinforces BMW's reputation for delivering exceptional driving experiences. It’s obvious that the BMW Group Design meticulously developed the structure of the iDrive 9’s graphic interface and menu layout. 

This layout is both consistent and characteristic of BMW, ensuring that customers enjoy a signature BMW user experience at all times. This design consistency underlines BMW's commitment to delivering a user interface that is not just functional and intuitive, but also unmistakably BMW. 

A Better, Smarter, More Intuitive iDrive

BMW iDrive 9 review.

Looking back, the BMW iDrive system was first launched in 2001 with the new BMW 7 Series. Its primary purpose was to utilize one display and one interactive element for as many functions as possible to minimize the number of buttons, controls, and displays. 

The BMW iDrive Controller became the universal control device, functioning similarly to a computer mouse. Interactions that were once restricted to desktops were now possible in a car – turning, pushing, and pressing, all with minimal distraction. 

Fast forward to today, the digital user experience has evolved to embrace touchpads, touch-sensitive smartphone displays, and voice assistants. Swiping, tapping, and speaking are the most common methods of interaction. 

The BMW Curved Display's touchscreen functionality and dialogue using natural language encapsulate this contemporary form of interaction between human and vehicle, once again highlighting BMW's commitment to innovation and user-friendly design. 

“As we said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2023,” continued Durach, “we are continuously enhancing the associated user experience based on the latest available technology.”

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