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22 Jan

Fiat's 500e Dominates European Electric City Car Market for Second Consecutive Year 

  • The Fiat 500e continues to lead Europe's electric city car segment, maintaining its position as the top choice for urban mobility.
  • Since its inception, over 185,000 units of the eco-friendly model have been sold worldwide, emphasizing its remarkable success in the automotive market.
  • The 500e reigns as Europe's best-selling electric city car, securing a 14.7% market share in the A+B battery electric vehicle segment, outperforming despite a 5% contraction in the overall segment.
  • With a presence in 44 countries, the Fiat 500e reflects Fiat's commitment to electrifying its global brand and contributing to the ecological transformation of cities.

In a remarkable display of automotive dominance, the Fiat 500e has emerged as the electric vehicle of choice in Europe's urban landscape, maintaining its position at the forefront of the region's electric city car segment for another year. 

The eco-friendly model has been a remarkable success since its inception, with more than 185,000 units finding homes across the globe. The head of Fiat, Olivier Francois, who also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for the global automotive group Stellantis, celebrated the 500e's sustained popularity. 

He emphasized the vehicle's integral role in the ecological transformation of bustling cities and highlighted Fiat's commitment to providing customer-centric, intuitive, and socially responsible mobility solutions. The 500e's reach now extends to 44 countries, underscoring Fiat's ongoing mission to electrify its global brand. 

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2023 Fiat 500e.

Sales figures speak volumes about the 500e's appeal, with it reigning as Europe's top electric city car since its 2020 debut and earning the title of Stellantis Group's best-selling EV.

In the A+B battery electric vehicle (BEV) segment, the 500e captured a 14.7% market share, up slightly from the previous year, even as the segment overall saw a 5% contraction. 

The 500e has become the vehicle of choice in key markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Austria, while also performing strongly in France, Portugal, and Poland, with close to 65,000 units sold across Europe. 

The 500e has also made significant strides in the broader BEV market, securing top spots in Italy and Germany, while also showing strong performance in France and Spain. When evaluating the BEV industry across the ten largest European markets, the 500e proudly took fourth place. 

The Fiat 500’s Noble Birth

The history of Fiat 500.

The Fiat 500, also known as the "Cinquecento," is an iconic Italian car with a rich history dating back to the 1950s. Designed by Dante Giacosa, the Fiat 500 was launched in July 1957 as a small, affordable car meant for everyday use, especially on narrow city streets. 

The original Fiat 500 was a two-door semi-convertible or saloon car, as well as a three-door panel van or estate car. The Fiat 500 was known for its compact size, measuring just over 2.5 meters long, and it quickly earned the nickname "the people's car." 

Fiat 500e is Europe's favorite small EV.

With a rear-mounted two-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the Fiat 500 was an economical and practical choice for many drivers. It was considered one of the first purpose-designed city cars and became a symbol of Italian automotive ingenuity.

 Over the years, the Fiat 500 underwent several changes and updates transforming it into a beloved classic. In 2007, Fiat introduced the modern Fiat 500, the 500e, which is an electric version of the iconic car, aligning with the shift toward eco-friendly vehicles. 

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Fiat 500e is Europe's best-selling city EV.

The Fiat 500 and its various iterations have left a lasting legacy in the automotive world, symbolizing Italian style, innovation, and practicality over the decades. 

Proudly crafted in Turin, the 500e stands as a testament to Italian ingenuity, garnering admiration for its Italian design worldwide. 

The model's acclaim is further cemented by an impressive collection of 42 international awards, making the 500e the most decorated Fiat model in the company's history. 

Fiat's 500e family expanded last year with the introduction of two new models—the diminutive Topolino and the larger 600e—bolstering the brand's electric lineup and reaffirming its commitment to leading the charge in the automotive industry's electrification.

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