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25 Mar
  • Rivian integrates with Tesla's Supercharger network, offering access to over 15,000 fast chargers across North America
  • Rivian customers will receive adapters to connect to Tesla Superchargers
  • The Rivian Adventure Network plans to expand to over 3,500 fast chargers at 600 sites
  • The collaboration between Rivian and Tesla signifies a collective industry effort toward a robust EV charging infrastructure

To further improve its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, Rivian has announced its integration with Tesla's Supercharger network, allowing Rivian customers access to over 15,000 fast chargers across North America. This development positions Rivian as the second automaker, following Ford, to offer its customers adapters for tapping into Tesla's extensive Supercharger network. 

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Rivian's Handshake With Tesla

Rivian NACS adapter.

Rivian customers can now request adapters to connect to Tesla's Supercharger network, with one adapter provided per vehicle identification number (VIN). Rivian says it will ship the adapters to Rivian owners starting in April, initially free of charge, although fees may be introduced in the future. 

This EV charging partnership with Tesla helps push forward the industry's trend towards adopting the North American Charging Standard (NACS) to facilitate EV charging interoperability. 

How The Rivian-Tesla Supercharger Works

Rivian/Tesla supercharger network.

Thanks to Rivian’s vertical integration of charging hardware and software, the brand can seamlessly incorporate a wide range of fast chargers, including the Supercharger network, into the company’s unified charging ecosystem. 

Their integrated digital platforms facilitate a smooth transition between the Rivian mobile app and the in-vehicle infotainment system, resulting in a seamless end-to-end experience for Rivian owners. The company's unified system streamlines the entire process, from trip planning to charger selection, route preferences, navigation, and adding stops. 

For example, when planning trips, Rivian navigation will display compatible Superchargers, complete with speed and availability information. The "plug and charge" feature makes charging simpler, as Rivian owners simply plug in the charger, and automatic billing will initiate charging without the need to open an app. 

Rivian Models With Access To Tesla Superchargers

Rivian models with access to Tesla Superchargers.

With the adapters provided by the automaker, every Rivian model can recharge at eligible Tesla Superchargers. Also, Rivian's existing R1S SUV and R1T pickup trucks will incorporate Tesla's charging technology in their upcoming production. 

Rivian's next-generation vehicles, including the R2 SUV and R3 hatchback, are slated to feature NACS charging ports in 2026 and beyond. Rivian is also concurrently expanding its Rivian Adventure Network, with 424 fast chargers operational in 70 stations across 22 states. 

What Is The Rivian Adventure Network?

What is Rivian Adventure Network?

The Rivian Adventure Network is a comprehensive network of fast-charging sites for Rivian owners. Initially, it is capable of adding up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes to the R1T and R1S vehicles. The network is planned to expand to include more than 3,500 fast chargers at over 600 sites across the United States and Canada. 

At the moment, Rivian Adventure Network locations are open exclusively to Rivian owners to provide them with convenient charging options along popular routes and even in remote wilderness areas. 

In the upcoming months, however, Rivian plans to extend access to the Rivian Adventure Network to all electric vehicle drivers and commence its expansion, according to a recent press release by the automaker. 

Rivian says the expansion efforts will focus on establishing new sites in established EV markets requiring increased capacity, regions with limited charging infrastructure, and at prominent charging locations near renowned destinations such as Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. 

Rivian owners can easily find charging locations using the Rivian app or directly from the in-vehicle touchscreen. By selecting their destination, the navigation system will automatically route them through any necessary charging stops to support a seamless and efficient charging experience on the go. 

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Who Else Is On The List Of EVs With Access To Tesla Superchargers?

List of EVs with access to Tesla Superchargers.

According to a recent press release by Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturers that currently have access to Tesla Superchargers are Ford and Rivian. 

In the near future, General Motors, Volvo, and Polestar EVs are expected to swell the list of EVs with access to the Supercharger network. By the end of the year, all major automakers are anticipated to follow suit in accessing the Tesla Supercharger network. 

Tesla noted in the press release that while Supercharger stations are available to other brands, especially in densely populated areas and locations lacking the necessary software or hardware, some stations are reserved exclusively for Tesla models. 

Tesla has also introduced the North American Charging Standard (NACS) to facilitate interoperability and standardization in EV charging. 

How Much Will It Cost To Charge The Rivian At Tesla Superchargers?

How much to charge Rivian at Tesla Superchargers?

The cost to charge a Rivian at Tesla Superchargers ultimately depends on the location and the pricing structure of the specific Supercharger station. Typically, Tesla Supercharger stations charge per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity used for charging. The exact cost per kWh varies by region, electricity rates, and any membership discounts available. 

For context, the charging cost to Ford electric vehicles accessing Tesla Superchargers is approximately 35% more per kilowatt-hour (kWh) compared to Tesla vehicle owners. Similarly, the rates vary by location and time of day, with some stations offering lower prices during off-peak hours. 

Tesla also offers a $12.99-per-month membership that allows other EV owners to access Superchargers at the same pricing as Tesla drivers. 

Rivian, Tesla Superchargers, And NACS: Industry Impact And Sustainable Driving

Rivian gains access to Tesla Superchargers.

Adopting the North American Charging Standard aligns with the collective mission to accelerate EV adoption and combat greenhouse gas emissions. By enabling access to Tesla's Supercharger network, Rivian envisions a seamless and stress-free charging experience for its customers while contributing to the transition towards carbon neutrality. 

Getting the top slot in the list of brands with access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network while it builds out its own Rivian Adventure Network to serve both Rivian and other EV brands not only makes business sense for the American automaker but also exemplifies the industry's push towards a robust charging infrastructure essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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