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12 Feb
  • The Citroen e-C3 challenges the EV market with its competitive pricing and cutting-edge technology.
  • With an 83kW motor and 199-mile electric range, the e-C3 delivers impressive power and efficiency for urban and suburban driving.
  • Experience comfort and convenience in the e-C3's spacious cabin, featuring Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats and intuitive tech integrations like the e-ROUTES App.
  • Citroën simplifies the car-buying process with a revamped website, offering a user-friendly interface for customizing and ordering the 2024 e-C3 with ease.

Europe's automotive landscape is witnessing a groundbreaking shift with the arrival of the all-new Citroen e-C3. Priced at £21,000 in the UK (€24,290 in the Netherlands; €23,300 in Germany), this electric vehicle (EV) is not only vying for the title of Europe's first affordable electric car but also aims to clinch the crown as the continent's cheapest EV

However, amidst these bold claims lies an intriguing comparison with the Dacia Spring EV, heralded as Europe's cheapest car. While the Dacia Spring EV holds the title in terms of pricing (around £18K in the UK), the e-C3 distinguishes itself as the first affordable European EV, crafted in Slovakia. 

Beyond its aristocratic lineage, the e-C3 offers affordability without compromising on performance and cutting-edge technology. As we delve deeper into its features and innovations, it becomes evident that the e-C3 sets a new benchmark in affordable electric mobility. 

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Europe's Cheapest Electric Car versus The Cheapest Car In Europe

Citroen e-C3 versus Dacia Spring EV.

With a starting price of £21,000 in the UK (€24,290 in the Netherlands; €23,300 in Germany), the all-new Citroen e-C3 is gunning for the position of Europe's first affordable electric car as well as the cheapest EV sold in the continent. 

Interestingly, Citroen makes these bold claims knowing- we believe- fully well that the incoming e-C3 is neither the first affordable EV nor the cheapest sold in the European market. That honor belongs to the Dacia Spring EV, announced last year and already selling in the UK at around £18K. 

Unlike the Chinese-made Dacia Spring EV (Dacia is originally Romanian), the e-C3 is made in Slovakia, making the all-new, all-electric Citroën e-C3 the first blue-blooded affordable European EV. 

However, what’s really important is that the e-C3 offers much more than noble-birth status. Unlike the numerous made-in-china "affordable" EVs you may have encountered, Citroen's e-C3 doesn't skimp on or sacrifice performance and cutting-edge technology on the altar of affordability. 

For example, the 2024 Dacia Spring EV offers 45 horsepower (44 bhp, 45PS) and 92 lb-ft (125Nm) of torque, modest numbers that achieve a top speed of 78 mph and a leisurely 0-62mph time of 19.1 seconds. 

By comparison, Citroen’s new e-C3 benefits from a 113-hp 83kW e-motor, propelling it to 60 mph in 11 seconds. It's not the fastest EV on the market, but it beats the Dacia Spring's performance significantly. 

Even the most powerful variant of the Spring EV, the Spring 65, is slower than the e-C3, making it to 60 mph in 13.7 seconds and producing a total output of 65 horsepower (64bhp, 65PS). 

2024 Citroen e-C3 charging.

The Citroen e-C3, featuring a fully automatic transmission, boasts a provisional top speed of 84 mph (where legally permitted), which is more than enough power and performance to deal with everyday driving and traffic, particularly in urban and suburban environments. 

The standard AC recharging, from 20% to 80%, takes around 4 hr 10mins using 7kW power or 2hr 50mins if 11kW is available. 

Dacia Spring EV versus Citroen e-C3 Electric Range

2024 Citroen e-C3 electric range.

Also, the e-C3 defeats the Spring's electric range by an impressive 59 miles at 199 miles versus the Dacia Spring EV's 140 miles. For a car made "without any compromise on design, comfort or technology," how did it manage to offer the best value for money while remaining the most affordable in its class? 

Through clever utilization of materials, technology, and engineering, the new e-C3 adopts a savvy approach to design. Built upon the 'Smart Car' platform (not to be confused with Daimler AG’s Smart cars) utilized by Stellantis in markets such as India and South America, the e-C3 shares many components with the 'CC21' C3 available in those regions. 

Notably, it opts for a lithium ferro phosphate battery pack over the more conventional lithium-ion variant, reducing reliance on rare earth materials like cobalt or manganese and consequently lowering costs. 

Rated at 44kWh, the battery pack provides a claimed electric range of 199 miles while boasting 100kW DC charging capability, enabling a 20-80 percent charge in just 26 minutes. 

Notably, unlike the innovative Citroen Oli concept, the e-C3’s charging point is conventionally placed rather than hidden behind the badge. 

The Citroen e-C3 is A Fully Loaded Affordable EV

2024 Citroen e-C3 infotainment and technology.

The new Citroën ë-C3 impresses with its advanced technology and intelligent features, complementing an unwavering focus on comfort. 

The new ë-C3 owners can efficiently plan their journeys, monitor charging status and battery level in real time, and enjoy an intuitive navigation experience through the innovative e-ROUTES App. 

Specifically tailored for Citroën electric vehicles as part of the 'Connect Plus' connected services subscription, this app seamlessly integrates into the driving experience. 

Additionally, via the MyCitroën App, drivers can manage charging schedules, pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle, and track its battery level and location. The car automatically pairs with e-ROUTES when owners input their details into their MyCitroën account. 

Equipped with a built-in smartphone holder that wirelessly auto-launches the e-ROUTES app, drivers are provided with convenient access to essential information. Across all versions of the new ë-C3, a range of Citroën driver assistance features ensures comfort, reassurance, and peace of mind. 

Thanks to the C-Zen Lounge, the new ë-C3 offers an innovative, spacious, and well-equipped interior that redefines the traditional dashboard. The C-Zen Lounge provides the driver and front passenger with a clean and uncluttered view forward. 

The new ë-C3 debuts a revolutionary Head-Up Display that projects vehicle information onto a glossy black section between the dash panel and the windscreen, eliminating information duplication. This smart solution enables drivers to access key information without diverting their attention from the road. 

2024 Citroen e-C3 dashboard.

The car’s compact multi-functional steering wheel is not only smaller and easier to handle but also ensures unobstructed visibility of the Citroën Head-Up Display. The fabric-wrapped, softly curved horizontal "Sofa Design style" section below adds warmth and visual character to the cockpit. 

At the heart of the dashboard sits a 10.25-inch color infotainment touchscreen, angled toward the driver for convenience. The infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone screen mirroring. 

The Citroen e-C3 Exterior And Interior Design

2024 Citroen e-C3 design.

The upcoming release of the ë-C3 in the UK, slated for late 2024, marks a complete overhaul featuring a bold new design that reflects Citroën's latest branding direction. A standout feature is the debut of Citroën's revamped oval logo, showcasing a fresh take on the iconic 'chevrons'. 

The striking front and rear light design, inspired by the Citroën Oli concept vehicle, introduces a distinctive three-level lighting signature reminiscent of sleek blades. 

Available in five premium paint options – Polar White, Montecarlo Blue, Elixir Red, Mercury Grey, and Perla Nera Black – the ë-C3 also offers Citroën's signature two-tone contrasting roof as a standard feature, available in black or white.

Inside, the spacious cabin is crafted to evoke the comfort of a home living room or lounge, featuring Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats designed with extra foam for a plush and supportive feel. 

2024 Citroen e-C3 interior.

With its all-new design providing increased headroom for front-seat occupants and enhanced outward visibility, the ë-C3 reinforces safety and control on the road. Despite its compact size, it boasts improved interior dimensions compared to its predecessor, offering expanded space for passengers and cargo. 

The smart storage solutions throughout the cabin, along with a generous 310 liters of trunk volume, make carrying items easier. Additionally, the ë-C3 introduces Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension as a standard feature across all versions, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride through Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® technology

Citroën Is Now Accepting Orders For The 2024 e-C3 With A Transformed Online Customer Experience

2024 Citroen e-c3 now accepting orders.

Citroën has simplified the automotive experience while offering serene and comfortable products. With the launch of ë-C3, they've revamped their website to consolidate all information related to this model onto one user-friendly page. 

This streamlined approach, accessible across devices, aims to redefine the customer experience, starting with ë-C3 and gradually extending to other models. The new website architecture focuses on simplicity, with all pertinent information readily available and presented clearly. 

Users can explore the ë-C3 model effortlessly, with options and features laid out intuitively. The traditional configurator is replaced with a more straightforward interface, allowing users to customize their vehicle in just three clicks, significantly reducing decision time and drop-off rates. 

Feedback from testers indicates a significant improvement in user experience, with 80% praising the site's ease of use compared to 30% previously. The redesigned interface enhances navigation, making it easier for users to find what they need and streamline the decision-making process.

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